Buono – Rottara Rottara video

The always excellent Buono release their new single on November 12th. I’m liking it although I’m not sure the pv is quite as good as their previous ones. Even so the girls all look cute in it and it is a lot of fun. There’s a 60’s vibe with polka dot dresses and tv cameras in shot. It’s quite reminiscent of the Twe’lv pv for Seishun Oden and is thus a bit like The Pipettes too.

When you look at Buono’s sales they have been doing well. I hope this release continues that trend. I really like their type of music. It’s something really happy, catchy and cute and also avoids all that Shige-Pink and Koha-Pink style nonsense that we get a lot with H!P. They go for happy, catchy and cute and pull it off in a way that doesn’t come across like a manga cartoon gone wrong or just a wota’s wet dream. The look and sound of Buono is always a pleasure.

Momoko steals the pv’s normally through her general cuteness and the humorous bits she always gets. There are no such little humorous joys in this pv but she still steals it just through sheer force of cuteness. All three hold their own though. In fact so good are they as a group and so consistently good is the music that I’m starting to think they are the best band in H!P at the moment, based on the last year or so of releases. I don’t even think that’s a controversial statement to make if you look genuinely at the last year. Berryz had that Khan bloke to sing about and that was great but monkey dances are not so good. With MM I like Resonant Blue but Mikan wasn’t particularly interesting and Pepper Keibu is catchy but strangely more dated than a cover version of a 70’s Eurovision entry from Germany. I’m not sure how that works. The Japanese disco song does sound the more dated though. Buono however sound fresh as daisies and don’t have to wear costumes half as silly as their more established sister groups. Plus the best thing with Buono, as opposed to Berryz Koubou, is that as there are only three of them there’s more screen time for Momoko. See? Number one group in H!P. 😀

【PV】ロッタラ ロッタラ/Buono!


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