Kamei Eri H!P Digital 48

Perusing through the latest H!P digital book I was really struck by some of the pictures. Eri really has her own thing going on. Most members stand out in their books (well that’s the point of course) but Eri stands out in a way that’s unique. There’s less cutesy stuff than with some members (or the cuteness is toned down at least) and in it’s place you get a touch of the sultry. I like very much. To understate a lot. 😀

I like Eri’s weirder personality and odd humour very much. When I see pics like these then she just goes up to a whole other level. Mix her personality with these kind of pictures and I’m blown away. I think I’d quite like to be under that blanket with her!


2 responses to “Kamei Eri H!P Digital 48

  1. My favorite pics are the blanket (how could anyone NOT want to be under there with her?!?), the “standing” fridge, and the cave pics. D’you think she could be on Voga? 😉

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