Ogawa Makoto Official Blog

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Makoto. I don’t dislike her but I’ve never paid her that much attention except for the odd Hello! Morning segment where she’s shone. However she now has an official blog and you can read the translated version thanks to the good people of Hello! Online. Reading her entries it looks like she could give Konno a run for her money in the really really liking food stakes (or should that be steaks? Yes, I know…I’ll get my coat). But where the blog really shines is the pics. This is where you get a really good candid look at Makoto. Here’s my favourite pics from the first batch of entries…

Makoto has her cute moments. I love the guitar pic and the ice cream one. The pumpkin pic is very strange but it’s fun. Very fitting for Halloween. 😀


2 responses to “Ogawa Makoto Official Blog

  1. Her blog photos make her look like someone who would be awesome to hang out with and who has a lot of fun. She’s so cute… 🙂

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