Cold Turkey & Hot Rock

Having recently moved home I had to go without the internet for a few days. What is a western H!P fan without the internet? Akin to being adrift on a dead calm sea or locked up in solitary confinement would be the closest answer I can think of. 😀 Having now got back online it doesn’t seem as though I’ve missed much. There still seems to be no real news on how the Hangry & Angry mini album will be released. However the pv and any cd packaging should be amazing based on the pics I’ve seen from the pv and from the posters that have gone up in Japan…


Meanwhile…umm…that’s it? Not much else has happened? That seems to be pretty much it really except I see the price of Nacchi’s best of album in pounds keeps going up. Damn recession. Liking Japanese music is becoming more and more expensive! Oh and although I detest iTunes with a vengeance (Creative Zen is the better option for mp3 players) I hear from posts made on the Hello!Blog that you can now get H!P tracks from the UK iTunes site. Good news. Now if only you could order the tracks from some other site in proper mp3 format. Still it’s another sign that H!P are expanding. Bring it on! 😀


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