Very Reina photobook

I’ve always found Reina to be the sexiest Musume of all and so I was really looking forward to seeing her new pb. She always seems to be given very unique styles for these books and this one is no exception. I’ll be honest and say that there are some sections that don’t do much for me. I think there are some pictures where her jewellery and make up look a bit tacky. However there are also some sizzling pics and some really striking clothes.


I’m really glad to see the punky look make a return there. See? Haromoni@ was good for something. 😀 I also really love the period black dress pics in the stately home. A different type of style to the kind of stuff she normally wears but it really suits her.

What I like most about Reina’s pb’s is the fact that the pics do tend to suit her. Her personality comes out more than with most other members when they do pb’s. I think when you look at a pb you want to get a flavour of the personality. No matter what she is wearing or doing Reina is always Reina. She’s always funny, cute, sexy, alluring and a bit of a handful. When looking through this book you get to see all these facets of her personality. Her photobooks are always a pleasure.


2 responses to “Very Reina photobook

  1. Punk Reina rules, but “Shop Girl” Reina was a nice (if very bright on the eyes) look also. I’m telling you, she should have a shop! 😉

    It’s interesting, but you’re right…even the outfits in the PB that don’t really seem “Reina”-esque look great on her and she easily manages to retain her Reina-ness while wearing them.

  2. Reina is Reina. It’s like how in the Pepper Keibu pictures everybody looks so different…except Reina. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! 😀

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