Yorosen! Subbed Week 4

The good people of H!F have subbed week 4 of Yorosen! This week we got Kamei Eri as just the kind of teacher I’d have had a crush on when I was a schoolboy. It’s a pity all she is talking about is tuna but ah well.


You hate turtles?


Well zip it up then.

Ah but the sensei looks so beautiful this week doesn’t she? I could just see her as a kindergarten teacher.


Oh I don’t know. Kindergarten wasn’t so bad.

Anyway the first episode was mainly boring facts about tuna. At the end during Mano’s pointless bit I do like Kusumi making what looks like a scissors cutting sign in the background. Hmm…you couldn’t exactly cut back any of Mano’s bits without losing them entirely. They are so short. Just like the show I guess. Not a bad thing when the shows are so pointless.


So onto episode 2 and Lovely is looking, well…lovely.


It certainly is.

So Eri asks what it’s called when the head of a tuna goes so bad that even cats won’t eat it.


Well my cat is quite fussy so that’s possibly the correct answer. Best bit of the episode that. 😀

So then we get to see Eri eating while everyone else looks pained. After which we get to see Mano make a pointless point while Junjun acts like most members of the public do when they see a tv camera. I know she’s not featured much but surely she must be used to the cameras by now?


Episode 3 is all about tuna pricing. It’s every bit as exciting as it sounds. Meanwhile it’s Linlin’s turn to deflect attention from Mano.


Onto episode 4 and there’s some humour from Eri getting to eat again. She seems somewhat surprised to have to eat part of the eye of a tuna.


It turns out that it tastes quite nice. It also turns out that Eri had been tricked into thinking Risa would be given it to eat. Eri’s reaction was quite funny. Nervous disbelief from the cute turtle one.

So who is goofing around behind Mano today?


It says a lot about Mano’s involvement that the only thing of interest is to see who is gurning to the camera behind her. It says a lot about Reina that she’s the best at goofing around. 😀

Onto the final episode and it’s test time. Reina looks deliriously (and gorgeously) happy to get a perfect score.


As a prize she (and Mitsui who also got a perfect score) gets tuna to take home.

And that’s pretty much it. As there’s an empty classroom behind Mano for the final show her pointless clip is rendered just that bit more boring.

Apparently next week Berryz Koubou enter with Sugaya Risako as the teacher. That is good news as it means some Momoko. I’ll miss Morning Musume though.

My thoughts on the week are that Eri would make a great teacher for very young kids and that she’s damn beautiful. I also think that this show is pretty poor. At least Haromoni@ had some variety. Yes it’s come to that. Longing for the heady days of Haromoni@. I’ve said it before but the members deserve a better outlet for their personalities and talents. Still it is good to get a weekly fix of them. Oh wait yeah…next week it’s the Berryz. Ah the heady days of Haromoni@…

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