New Okada Yui Pics

Okada Yui has been featured in a magazine recently. JPH!P has the details here. I can’t say I’ve heard of the magazine (Weekly ASCII) but boy does Yui look hot. As always of course. Personally I love the pigtails picture most of all. Thanks to Charmy for the link.


I think the modelling career that has been rumoured could well become a reality. If so I’ll be folowing it closely. Really though I’d love to see her acting or singing. Her work with V-U-den and in Yo-Yo Girl Cop shows that it’d be a waste if she doesn’t get to use those kind of talents. Her other…talents are clear to see but how about the person within? She’s more than just a great figure. The problem with modelling is that you don’t get the whole package.


2 responses to “New Okada Yui Pics

  1. That first pic is something else *drools*
    There’s no denying that Yui has a killer body and if she goes into modelling much like yourself I’l be following closely, but yeah it would be even better seeing her take up the singing or acting side of things as with all the H!P girls that’s what I love most about them. I guess with the modelling side of things if she remains an idol it could mean that she starts making appearances on chat and quiz shows and the like?
    Hmmm, I just really hope that we start to see more of her generally.

  2. I don’t know enough about the gravure side of Japanese culture to know what it would mean for Yui. To see her on tv shows would be good though. But what I really want is to see her singing and see her doing pv’s. 😀 V-U-den were too good for two of the three members to just move completely away from music but I can see that being the case. Still you never know. Maybe UFA have something up their sleeves.

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