iTunes UK Store – My First Purchase

So ever since I heard on the Hello@Blog that there’s some H!P stuff on the UK iTunes site I’ve been thinking about showing some actual proper UK support for H!P artists. On the one hand nothing will ever beat the feeling of holding a cd in my hands and better still holding the inlay booklet. However the price of Japanese goods is going higher and higher at the moment. I’ve noticed just in the past month that even though the price doesn’t seem to be changing in Japan (or to my knowledge in the US) for the UK the price is rocketing. To take Nacchi’s forthcoming best of as an example the cost a month ago was just over £19. Now with the pound not having such a good exchange rate against the dollar it would actually cost over £22. By the time it’s actually released who knows. Buying music via iTunes keeps the cost right down. I’ll still be buying the Nacchi best of via YesAsia however as I want the dvd (badly).

Other than cost the other positive of iTunes UK is that by buying from there you are showing that there are fans in the UK. When you buy from YesAsia or cdjapan I doubt it shows to the UFA management that there are fans in the UK. I doubt they’d know where those sales are from. But by buying direct from a UK site I think that must show up somewhere. This year with Hangry&Angry possibly preparing a European tour and having a US release and with France seemingly becoming far more interested in Japanese culture, combined with the somewhat H!P-related release in the UK of the Yo-Yo Girl Cop dvd it seems H!P are becoming more aware of western fan bases. By showing support via the UK iTunes site hopefully that will register somewhere within UFA HQ.

As for what kind of stuff I’d buy from iTunes I’d say it’s quite limited for me right now. There’s a lot of Morning Musume stuff but I legally own most of it anyway. Of the singles I have the 10th anniversary double cd set from last year and already have Resonant Blue on both cd formats and single V. But there is still Pepper Keibu so maybe I’ll get that. I wanted the photobook version but everything has a worth and at the moment the price of singles in Japan is too much for the most part. Besides I want the Hangry&Angry cd and Nacchi Mega Best when they are released. So for now a physical copy of Pepper Keibu is unlikely. So I may purchase a copy from iTunes. Ultimately I’m not too bothered by B-sides so it’d only cost 79 pence. Other than that if the Ongaku Gatas section gets updated with Come Together then I’ll buy that. I still haven’t got a physical copy for much the same reason I haven’t yet got Pepper Keibu.

At the moment though I have made but one purchase. I wanted to check the ease of converting to mp3. It’s a bit annoying but it turns out to be easy enough. When you have purchased the invariably DRM protected file you can then burn to cd from iTunes and once the cd is burned you can copy back to iTunes in mp3 format. This then leaves you with two copies of the same song unless you delete the original. However this also leaves you with the mp3 version that your computer picks up as an mp3 file and so can then copy to your mp3 player (a Creative Zen in my case). So I purchased one song and it worked a treat. The song?


Yes it’s Mano Erina’s 2nd single. The catchy, dancy, poppy, cute follow up to Manopiano that is Lucky Aura. There you go kid. I don’t care if your Yorosen! appearances are completely pointless. You have a bright future ahead.

I really do like this song a lot. It doesn’t seem to fit with any other H!P releases of recent times. Mano seems to have her own kind of thing going on at the company. Which is great as it should help her stand out a bit more.


3 responses to “iTunes UK Store – My First Purchase

  1. I’ve still to buy anything from the iTunes store, but I know in the future I will, I’m still wondering if the sales of these are included in the general charts? It would be cool if all the UK H!P fans bought a single release to push into the charts…although I’d imagine that there isn’t enough of us to push anywhere near the top 😦

  2. I always thought iTunes purchases counted towards chart sales. After all I’m sure mp3 sales are counted now and what bigger site is there than iTunes? As for H!P stuff getting into the charts I can’t really see it. Although I’ve no idea how many sales it takes to get to number 40. I’d imagine there’s not enough fans to make that much of an impression. Maybe I’m wrong though.

    I just hope they update what’s available regularly. I note that the last Ongaku Gatas single isn’t available yet even though their other releases are. I was kind of hoping Buono’s latest single would be up this week but so far no sign.

    As for my purchases I’ve now gone ahead and bought Pepper Keibu and I’ve also bought the Abe Natsumi B-side (do people still call them B-sides or am I showing my age?) Sora Life Goes On. I bought it because I was watching a Nacchi Alo-Hello dvd a few days ago and she sung it acapella. I was thinking what song is this? It didn’t seem to be a single. Then I found it on iTunes. I like it’s vibe.

  3. Actually I just noticed that iTunes has a request form where you can ask for songs/albums. I’ve completed it asking for the last Ongaku Gatas single Probably won’t do any good but it’s no bad thing to let them know there’s an audience out there for this kind of stuff. The address is

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