Yorosen! Week 5 Subbed – Enter The Berryz

So week 5 of Yorosen! has been subbed by H!F. This week no Musume but instead it’s Momoko and co. Risako is the witch teacher for the week and she knows how to get noticed.


And what are they studying this week? The fantasy world. Apparently this doesn’t mean my marriage to Lovely but instead witches and the like. So Ayaya?




Well yeah brooms but also Ayaya.


Does that mean 2/3rds of V-U-den were witches? No wait, that just means UFA are crap.


The power to manipulate love and deceive men? Hmm…that could be V-U-den. Well I’d certainly walk barefoot over hot coals if Yui asked me to.

The best bit of episode 1 was…


Take a look at what? Oh the board you have under your desk but haven’t pulled out yet? Cue laughter…


Risako then moves on to talking about a witches night in Germany where…


I didn’t know GAM had been to Germany.

Onto show 2 and straight away there’s more action than with Morning Musume as a chair falls over.


After that the sensei continues the trend of the previous show by not being able to answer any questions asked of her. She is unable to explain what a spirit is. It’s quite funny and cute to see Risako stumbling to answer.

Episode 2 is about fairies. They are small and cute. Fittingly this leads on to a cute Momoko cheeky moment where Risako is stumped by a question as to a fairy’s height.


So far though it’s the teacher who is shining the brightest. Mainly due to her cute air of helplessness. She seems to be stumbling a lot and it’s fun to watch. She comes across as very kawaii.


Episode 3 is all about youkai. Evil spirits or somesuch. Risako continues to have a lack of control over proceedings and keeps forgetting that answers are hidden beneath the peel off bits on the cards she’s holding up. Which is very funny. Episode 3 is quite raucous really and reminds me a bit of the shambles that was Koharu as the teacher. Good fun. At the end Mano continues to have people messing around behind her. I think I’d miss these bits pointless though they are.


And so it’s on to episode 4 and the yeti. How do you pronounce Himalayas?


Sensei is unsure. But very adorable with it. We need some Momoko though.


No we do. Really.

So show 4 is all about mythical creatures such as the Loch Ness monster and….


Jackalope? I have no idea what that is but I think it’d make a great horror movie. Kind of like Gremlins. A Japanese Gremlins with Berryz Koubou. That’s brilliant. Somebody get me George Lucas on the phone. Hello Mr Lucas? Hi. Star Wars episodes 1 to 3 were dreadful. You’ve defiled my childhood. Right now somebody get me someone who makes movies and knows what they are doing.

So onto the Chupacabra and again the sensei does not seem sure of the pronunciation.


Bless you. So that’s episode 4. What does Mano think?


The unidentified mysterious animal she was most interested in was the Jackalope? See? Movie gold dust. Anyway episode 4 was fun. It was so good they didn’t even have room for the usual promotion towards the end. Which since they have been promoting the next Berryz single is a bit ironic really. Berryz have gone on so much that there’s no room for a promotion of their single. 😀

Onto show 5 and the test. One of Momoko’s answers raised a laugh. Which is good. You can never have too much Momoko.


And after poking fun at a few other answers that’s it. Risako made it entertaining in pretty much the same way that it was fun to watch Eri and Koharu. A general lack of command mixed with a cute and happy personality made her a good sensei to watch. The fun came from the lack of any teacher-like qualities. The fact that the subject this week was a bit more entertaining helped too. Surely the kind of topics best suited to this kind of show would be entertainment based or at the very least light-hearted? So all in all one of the better weeks. Even though I’m a much bigger fan of Morning Musume than the Berryz I haven’t really missed them this week. It was good to have a break and ‘meet’ some new people. Who knows. When C-ute get a chance maybe I’ll even be able to remember a name or two?

I wonder which Berryz is the teacher next week? Either one of the Buono pair would be good. I’m really looking forward to getting Momoko as the teacher. If Risako was good surely Momoko would be great?


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