Happy Birthday Reina

So on 11 November sexy cat becomes 19. To celebrate here’s a clip from Hello Pro Hour of Reina singing the Country Musume song Iroppoi Onna ~ Sexy Baby. I love Reina’s pronunciation of “sexy baby”.  Seriously she’s such a cat. So feline. 😀

Direct download here.

Also here’s a few pics from her latest pb. As sexy as ever. I particularly like the first two pics. Reina plus skirt equals hot. I think the white and peach colours compliment her perfectly. Ah such beauty from the lively one. I hope she has a great birthday.



5 responses to “Happy Birthday Reina

  1. Yeah too bad not her b-day where i live =P

    But yeah she’s freaking !!! win haha.

    Too bad H!F got too busy with things that we forgot to do something for her b-day ><

  2. Reina is stunning isn’t she? Has quite an impact!

    Good to hear H!F are busy. I wonder what you are planning for the 200th release?

  3. Hehe it’s all prepped and ready just pending till we release enough things before we hit 200 =)

    And yeah hope everyone will enjoy it, whenever that time comes.

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