Tanaka Reina Real Challenge Subbed

H!F have subbed Reina’s recent dvd and although I’m a day late for her birthday I’m still going to celebrate by reviewing the whole one hour special.

So the dvd starts with the photobook shoot in the black dress. The theme of which is…


Western style houses? Of which century though? Well either way as can be expected Reina looks stunning during the whole of the shoot. Simply gorgeous.


After this it’s onto the orange and white shoot. Again as you’d expect Reina is beautiful.


Then it’s straight onto some swimsuit action.


And that’s day one. At the end of which Reina is given the challenge to remember the names of all of Hokkaido’s cities by the end of day three. Which brings back nightmares of Haromoni to me but since this is 100% Reina I’m sure it’ll still be entertaining.

So onto day two and after a long and boring bit talking about names of cities it’s onto the first photoshoot of the day. Punky Reina!


I just love that look. Completely and utterly. So perfect for her.

After the punk comes the pink. I never liked the photos in this next section when I originally saw the pb.


I just changed my mind!

After which it’s onto a section I did like originally and just keep on liking even more.


Kawaii. How cute is sexy cat when she smiles? And how sexy is she when she doesn’t? 😀

Anyway we then get a run through of the city names as though we care. Then it’s onto day three and we get to see Reina visiting a fish market. This is a good thing as up until this point the dvd has been like an extended photoshoot dvd. Now it’s great watching Reina going about her work but it’s better to see her doing something other than just being photographed all day long.

So at the fish market Reina is looking for toppings for her rice bowl.


There’s a bit of fun at her expense as one of the traders points out her boots.


Following the revelation that Tsunku really likes whale bacon (personally I prefer Welsh bacon) we get to see Reina eat.


She even manages to eat in a cute but sexy way.

But what of the memory test? Reina doesn’t seem too bothered (and why would she?) however it turns out if she fails there will be a punishment game.


Hmm…Reina on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here suddenly springs to mind. In fact how about a Japanese I’m A Celebrity special with people from H!P. It’d probably be a bit like Battle Royale only more violent. However I digress. It turns out the punishment for failure is that Reina will have to clean out some cow stables. Uhuh. Huh?

So Reina sets to work studying the cities. It’s quite amusing to see one of the shopkeepers turning up and helping every now and again. Reina is struggling to read the kanji and needs all the help she can get.


Following lunch and study it’s time to shop for curry ingredients. Yes this is Japan and there is a camera present so food is everything. Apparently potatoes are required.


Hmm…You don’t want to know what happens when Irish cobblers get hold of a May Queen. This is a family blog.

After the shopping Reina studies some more and then it’s time for her to do some cooking. Well this is Japan and there’s a camera. It would seem it’s too good an opportunity to miss. While cooking Reina regales everyone with a tale about her peeling a potato at home when…


Nurse, the tranquilisers.


Can I get a ‘hell yeah’? HELL YEAH. 😀

Okay so this is now turning into the Reina cooking show. Up next she makes some butter.


So that’s the butter made. Now maybe we can move onto something not involving food?


Or not as it turns out. After the sausage making comes some more cute eating from Reina. Well it’s Japan and there’s a camera, etc.

After more eating we get a coach journey and then it’s time for the test. Can she remember all the cities?




If you wanted to I’d let you.

So there’s the moral of this dvd. If Reina wants to she can do anything. Amen.

It was a strange dvd in many ways. It started off as an extended photobook type of dvd then changed into a slightly pointless memory test. Then it became a cooking show. However since it was Reina it was always enjoyable. How can you not be won over by her beauty and personality? Reina is fun to watch so the dvd was well worth watching. Reina has the sexiest photobooks. This dvd had all that sexiness with a healthy dose of humour thrown in. An hour of bliss in other words.

So all that’s left now is for Reina to sign off.



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