Yorosen! – Week 6 Subbed

Yes it’s time for a (rudimentary) review of Yorosen! Subbed as usual by Hello Fansubs.

Episode 1 starts off with the camera on two of the most interesting Berryz members. This serves to remind me that I still haven’t sorted out purchasing Buono’s latest single.


Unfortunately Momoko and Miyabi then sit down and in walks Saki. Saki is going to teach on the subject of yakiniku. The first episode is all about how meat breaks down when cooked and the acid in it and so on. At the end Momoko gets to mimic Mano (who is looking very cute this week).


Show 2 is basically all Saki eating various kinds of meat. It’s funny to see the other members reactions but haven’t we seen this before? Like most weeks?


What was also funny was Saki telling everyone the lecture is over while still having food in her mouth. The whole show was basically her eating. Anyway Mano then gets to try some food herself during her bit. I think Mano’s sections are becoming an integral part of the show. Gurning in the background is about the only thing the ‘students’ get to do each episode. Besides which there’s no denying her cuteness. Well either way the Mano sections are no more pointless than any other parts of this programme.


Talking of cuteness in episode 3 Momoko gets to ask a question.


I mean it’s not as if the question led to a zany 3 minutes where at the end everyone was rolling around the floor laughing but at least it was a brief moment of Momoko.

Episode 3 was about how to cook meat on a mesh net. So moving onto the end and we get another cute mimic Mano moment.


Onto episode 4 and there is an immediate wake up moment as you realise they are all…wait for it…are you sitting down? You may like to pour yourself a stiff drink before I reveal the shocking truth. Are you ready?
They are (gasp) outside. This is a bit like something actually happening.


This episode the Berryz are going to eat. Some bloke turns up to cook for them. This leads to probably the funniest bit of the week as he tells Saki…


The person chosen?


That would be Risako whose back is to the camera. Cue Saki looking a bit confused.

At the end of episode 4 there is nobody behind Mano but she looks so cute here are two screencaps anyway…


Episode 5 desu. In episode 5 they are still outside.


They eat some more and umm…that’s about it. So for 2/3rds of this week the teacher wasn’t even the teacher. If your idea of entertainment is watching idols eat then I guess you’ll have enjoyed the show. For me there’s too little humour and too little interest this week.


Every week is like this! Well except for when you have a really cute teacher like Takahashi or a real crackhead like the wonderfully entertaining spazmonster Kusumi. I’m using the term spazmonster in the most endearing way possible you understand. Any complaints please write them on the back of a postcard and send them – securely attached to yourself – over a cliff.


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