Sayumi Michishige Love Story Subbed

There’s a new subbing group in town. They are “SMF, the subbing team of the international Sayumi Michishige community forum, SayuMiNe”. And they have made quite an impression with their first release. Yes it’s Sayumi’s recent Love Story dvd. I have no idea where their forum is but the subtitled release is available here.


The best way of describing this dvd in sign language! 😀

So the dvd starts with Sayumi looking for some food only to nearly get eaten.


Something was probably big. Fnaar, etc.

Ahem. Moving on and Sayumi is given free sample food by a vendor and puts a good show on. She’s quite the diplomat pretending to like it. However afterwards she’s desperately wanting water to wash away the taste. She then carries on looking for a meal. She’s an indecisive girl is our Sayumi. But it’s cute so that’s okay. Anyway then we get to see her eat…which I find strangely arousing. Sod Nigella Lawson. I want Sayumi to have her own food show.


Somebody run me a cold shower.


Seriously please somebody run me a cold shower…and physically drag me away from this screen.


Too late.

Anyway Sayumi is given the challenge to try and guess 3 flavours of desserts with her eyes closed. After which it’s time for a dip in the pool.


Sayumi has a spellbinding quality at times like this.

Up next it’s time to try and get Sayumi onto a slingshot contraption.


Having been strapped in she chickens out. Can’t say I blame her.

So it’s back to the poolside for some lounging. Sayumi has the perfect figure. Really breathtaking. The next few minutes basically leave me all but speechless.


That’s it for day one. Except for a voice diary from Sayumi that was recorded at the end of the day. Even with a voice diary though the visuals are gorgeous as they just show footage from earlier that day of Sayumi looking into the camera.


Then before we move onto day two we get some shots from day one’s photobook session.


Then just as my blood pressure is reaching some kind of critical point where I’d be found as a melted puddle on the floor the dvd moves on. Phew. So onto day two and it’s…more photobook video. Okay that melted puddle is becoming a possibility again. Especially since it’s my favourite part of her latest book.


Breathless and speechless. Totally melted. Just…WOW.

So what does day three have in store? Some paper airplane throwing…


Some photos by a waterfall…


Then it’s onto the fourth and final day and some more shots for the photobook.


Then at the end of the dvd there is a challenge for Sayumi. She must hit a baseball outfield within five balls or face a forfeit. It tuns out the forfeit was merely to clean away her footprints. So after that there’s just time for one more outfit for her photobook. But what a great way to end the dvd.


And the most pleasurable hour you could spend not having sex is over. You know in the current Morning Musume my favourite is Takahashi Ai. As well as looking pretty she has the kind of heart and personality I hold up as being as close to ideal as I’ll ever find. However I also usually see Reina as the sexiest member. But when I see Sayumi in a photobook or dvd I go very weak. Intellectually the ‘pink’ or ‘girly’ type of personality is not the type I’d say I go for. But with Sayumi she’s the type who could have me wrapped round her little finger in 2 seconds flat. She has a beautiful figure and is also blessed with a very cute face. Combine that with her slightly ‘baka’ and very girlsih personality and the weakness in me is hit like a bullseye. Her girlish charm and beautiful figure combine to make even the most ‘right on’ male weak. I’d be her lapdog happily. If truth be told I came to the world of Hello!Project very late. While being shown pv’s of Morning Musume songs the first person who made me sit up and take notice was Sigh Yummy. She was the first person whose name I asked of. Even though I have discovered many other members since then, and even though I consider some of those members now my favourites, I still go weak for Michishige. There’s a part of me that thinks that is wrong. How can you like anyone who sometimes comes on stage as Shige-Pink? Even so I’ll happily forgive her those indiscretions. Ultimately she is just too stunning to cast off. Whereas I think Takahashi will be my favourite current member until she leaves and whereas I’ll always see Reina as pure sexy and cheeky spunk, Sayumi will be the one whose beauty can stop me in my tracks. The one who can make me speechless. The one who can make me feel guilty to feel so…warm, so…sensual. Sayumi will always be the soft spot I keep (mostly) quiet about. I feel slightly guilty within myself to like that kind of personality but I also feel bloody good about it. 😀

The thing is I can like a Kusumi or a Momoko in a perfect mad or cheeky (respectively) little sister kind of way. Sayumi is slightly older but also has a very young type of personality. But my feelings for her are anything but brotherly. I guess though that really, even though she has a very girly personality, she could have you crawling naked over broken glass if she wanted. I mean she might very well be girly but she’s no damsel in distress. She could seem like the helpless princess in the tower needing rescuing but really she’s the Queen of cute. Her beauty gives her power over us mere mortals. I hope that continues to be the case for many more years.


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