Yaguchi Mari and Mano Eri Official Blogs – Translated

Yay. Both Yaguchi (as mentioned in a previous post) and Mano have official blogs. Yay. Both blogs are being translated by Hello-Online. Yaguchi’s first batch of entries is here. She’s been in Iceland for a tv special that is to be aired in Japan on January 2nd. What’s more is she’s filming it with Nacchi. Yaguchi’s blog has some great pics and is a cute read. Pity the pictures get smaller after the first few days.


Meanwhile the Mano blog is translated here. She talks of promo campaigns, Disneyland Tokyo and rehearsals. Again there are cute, if a bit too small, photos.


This year has been pretty interesting for H!P fans in the west. As well as starting to see tracks appear on foreign iTunes sites and having two H!P members release a cd in America (albeit one not on the H!P label) we have also had quite a few blogs spring up. Yuko, Ogawa, Yaguchi and now Mano. I’d love to see Nacchi do one next. 😀 It’s good to read their (brief) thoughts on various things but add to that the pictures and these blogs are great. You get a sense of the working life of these people as well a a glimpse into their domestic lives. I hope this blogging trend continues to catch on and we get more of our favourite Japanese singers doing them.


4 responses to “Yaguchi Mari and Mano Eri Official Blogs – Translated

  1. I like the blogs (even though I hardly ever look at them directly and tend to wait for the translations from H!O), but I’m definitely with you, I think the pictures could stand to be a bit bigger. I’d really love to see bigger versions of those Nacchi/Mari Iceland pics, for example…

  2. I have this thing for women in winter clothes. I love seeing women in scarves and hats so yeah I’d love those pics to be bigger. Nacchi looks so cute all wrapped up warm.

  3. Do you have Risa’s Happy Girl PB? I don’t, but I’ve seen the winter photos of her in there, and she looks gorgeous all wrapped up for winter! 🙂

  4. I don’t have the book but have seen the pictures and you are right. There’s also Reina’s ‘best of’ pb where she is in the snow dressed as a bunny. Very cute. My favourite winter pic is of Takahashi Ai…

    With the fire in the background and that hat it’s wintery and beautiful. Oh yeah there are some other cute girls there too. 😀

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