Are concerts just for wotas?/V-U-den live

So I’m watching my shiny new V-U-den summer concert tour 2008 dvd and one thing got me thinking. All that ^%$£*&^ shouting that the wotas do after every single line is sung…does that mean that basically unless you’re a wota it’s pointless turning up for these things? I mean I’ve noticed it a bit on other concert releases but the shouting is really loud on this. After virtually every bloody line too. Call me old fashioned but if I was going to a concert I’d want to actually hear the singing and the music. No wonder H!P fans are given a slightly derogatory press. On tv they can drown out the shouting from the crowd when showing football matches. Couldn’t that be done for this dvd? Mind you if I find it annoying I wonder what Rika thinks? 😀

Despite that I am enjoying this dvd a lot. I love seeing these three together. They had more impact as a unit than all of the current Morning Musume put together. Harsh…but fair. I hope Erika and Yui get given something new to do soon. They deserve it. Both showed their worth during their solo spots. The extra tracks on Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You gave all three members a solo song. All three songs are very good and all three are sung well here. That last single was good value. Four great tracks. That’s more than some H!P artists manage on a whole album. Come to think of it that’s more than some H!P artists manage in a whole career. But enough of Ayaya.

Anyway I was thinking of reviewing the dvd but that would detract from my enjoyment of actually watching the dvd so instead here is a link to one of the songs. I really like their performance of Jaja Uma Paradise. Always a favourite song of mine anyway but here they seem to be having fun and I love Rika’s introduction. “It’s showtime. Here we go.


V-U-den. Gone but never forgotten. They could never be forgotten. It’s too easy to remember the cowboy moves. 😀


2 responses to “Are concerts just for wotas?/V-U-den live

  1. “I should’ve been a cowboy
    I should’ve learned to rope and ride
    Wearing my six-shooter riding my pony on a cattle drive
    Stealing the young girl’s hearts
    Just like Gene and Roy
    Singing those campfire songs
    Oh I should’ve been a cowboy”

    I’ve never seen a V-u-den concert before. Clearly that is an error on my part. 😉

  2. Definitely an error. Great songs and three beautiful singers. Plus because there’s only three you can be sure they all get due attention. 😀

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