Yorosen! Week 7 Subbed

Hello-Fansubs Have subtitled Yorosen again. It’s Momoko as the teacher this week. It’s fair to say that I have high hopes. It certainly starts off well. What’s that at the back of the classroom?


Good question. Just what is she doing? Well she’s commanding attention unlike any other teacher that’s for sure. But what is the subject this week?



Chinami reckons it’s aluminum foil. Tsk. Don’t be silly. The answer is obviously the latest in consumer electronics because Momoko is wearing the clothes of the future. Eh? Well nevertheless that’s the subject. However I have a feeling the subject isn’t important. It’s all about the teacher. 😀

Well the next minute or so is all about a British washing machine that only uses 1 cup of water. So far so usual-boring-subject. But Momoko leaves the lesson really early leaving the others to summarise the lesson themselves. That’s the kind of free spirit I expected. Therefore this review moves straight onto Mano pointless…



So onto episode 2 and Momoko comes skipping in (literally).


She’s great to watch. This episode is about rice cookers. The members get to taste rice made from a new style rice cooker and rice from an old one. They have to decide which is the new cooker.


Were they right?


Yep. The reward? More rice but this time with vegetables.


And that ends lesson two. Momoko leaves while the others eat. Poor Momoko doesn’t get to eat. Well most teachers work such long hours but that can’t be the case with Momoko. She always seems to be leaving early!


Bye. Except…


Ah Momoko madness. 😀

Today’s Mano point is that the rice is delicious. Today’s Morningtime point is that Momoko is in the background eating. So she did get to eat. 😀


Episode 3 is about tv’s. This leads to some chat amongst the pupils.


That told them! 😀

Anyway what caught Momoko’s eye is…


Oh well side-stepped. 🙂 Anyway Momoko explains that there are two unused channels at TV Tokyo. Which Momoko says means you could have a 24 hour…


Hmm…I’d prefer a nothing but Momoko in a futuristic silver dress channel but come to think of it 24 hour H!P tv HAS to happen. Although back to my first suggestion and Momoko has come up with a tv schedule…


Hmm…Pocket Momonsters. I wonder what one would look like?


Hmm…I won’t say what I think that looks like! Momo’s Momochu voice is very cute though. As for that station…


About sums it up! There’s a lot of humour in this episode with Momoko coming up with programmes where she is the star and the other Berryz are minor players. It’s one of the most enjoyable episodes so far. Even the Mano bit is great…


It’s funny and at the same time it’s great to see Mano actually interact with someone.

So after the entertaining episode three what does episode four have in store? Well in common with last week it’s outdoors. Also in common with this weeks first episode Momoko makes quite an entrance.


But why are they outside?


Ah Momoko’s humourous cheekiness is so kawaii. Not to mention funny.

So it’s Momoko versus a machine (although the machine is obviously being worked by a male who is not named. Well he is named obviously. I mean I’m pretty sure his parents will have given him a name sometime around his birth but his name is not given here. Honestly…don’t be so pedantic!) There then follows an entertaining minute of Momoko showcasing her cooking ‘skills’.


Episode 4 ends on a cliffhanger. Just WHO WILL WIN? Well okay it’s not that dramatic and I think we probably already know the answer!

So do we? Episode five starts with Momoko still cooking. The machine took 3 minutes. Momoko took 12.


The machine goes down well. There’s the usual happy comments.


Yes really. Meanwhile Momoko’s…




Oh really? Well okay Momoko’s cooking is not going down so well. What does Momoko think of the machines cooking though?


Fair enough. But the machine isn’t as entertaining!

So the moment of truth for Momoko as she has to taste her own cooking…




Momoko refuses to believe hers tastes as bad as the others say and there’s a bit of cheeky Momoko humour as she calls them peasants. But when it comes to the vote it’s unanimous. The machine wins.


And that’s episode five over with. My thoughts are that Momoko is still as perky, cute, cheeky, lively, witty and free-spirited as ever. I hope she sticks around H!P for a long time to come. She aso looks damn good in a silver dress. Kawaii. The topic of the shows was again a bit boring but when you have someone lively in charge it matters less. I still think that the show dealing with witches and so on was the best for subject matter simply because entertainment is the kind of subject that is best suited to being talked about by entertainers. Even so Momoko was as marvellous as ever. Marvellous Momoko rules. I think this week’s shows were joint best with Koharu’s. With this format you need a teacher who is high spirited otherwise the shows can become boring. It’s basically all down to the sensei to inject some energy, humour and interest into proceedings and in this Momoko doesn’t let us down. I had high hopes and they weren’t dashed. For H!P tv programmes of the past year and a half that’s quite a rare occurrence. I knew Momoko would deliver!


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