Hangry&Angry on UK iTunes

Charmy Risuzu over at Renai Project was telling me earlier that Hangry&Angry are on the US iTunes site. So I checked the UK site more in hope than expectation and what do you know…it’s there. All 5 tracks for £3.95. Bargain. I do wish they’d update some of the H!P stuff though. I want the Ongaku Gatas single Come Together and the last Buono! one Rottara Rottara. Still the amount of stuff on there now is an encouraging sign.


3 responses to “Hangry&Angry on UK iTunes

  1. I couldn’t resist buying it from iTunes, partly to show support in the UK but mainly because I couldn’t hold out until my CD arrived in the post lol, and at under £4 how can you go wrong!
    Been listening to it all weekend, love it, such a great album…if only there was more tracks.

  2. More tracks would be good but hopefully if the album does well there’ll be a full-length one at some stage.

    I agree that £4 is a great price. I still want the cd though. Just for the packaging. I’m not even talking about the limited edition version. Even the normal version would be good just to see if there’s any pictures on the inlay card!

    Kill Me Kiss Me is the song I like the most so far but it does have the advantage of having a pv and being the first song to debut on MySpace. The other songs sound good too so it’ll be interesting to see if any of them come and challenge Kill Me Kiss Me for supremacy.

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