Momoko Tsugunaga dvd Momo no Mi – The Fruit of Peach

I still haven’t seen Momoko’s 3rd photobook but I have seen the making of dvd. There’s some cute stuff in there. I really love the punky look and the 50’s style cafe pics too. I can’t say she looks her best in every outfit but there’s enough good ones to make me look forward to the actual pb. The making of dvd is entertaining. As you’d expect there’a a lot of quirky Momoko moments. One of which sees her looking on a laptop at some pictures from the shoot she was doing only for the screen to go blank when she touches a button. The look on her face is priceless. Also during the golf course picture shoot her golfing prowess is second only to everyone. And that includes blind people and the dead. Funniest of all though is something that I find worrying. In the UK she’s old enough to drive. Seeing her sitting in the Cadillac during the cafe pictures I was thinking how scary a thought that is. Then later I saw her in the golf buggy. I hope the legal age for driving in Japan is older! 😮 Buggy goes unexpectedly forward. Buggy goes unexpectedly backwards down a hill very fast. 😀 Ah Momoko. One of the most entertaining H!P members. Pity they never thought of putting her in a futuristic silver dress for the pb though. 😉



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