Sad News

Charmy gave me this link before. It seems that Iida Kaori’s little boy passed away in July. This is horrible news and it’s hard to know how to reply to such a thing. I’m sure though that anyone reading this will feel shocked and that all our thoughts go to Kaori and her husband.

There’s a statement from Iida here and one from Hello! Project here.

Edit. There are some translated comments here. They include comments from Kaori, UFA, Tsunku, Yaguchi, Ogawa, Yuko and Tsuji’s husband.


2 responses to “Sad News

  1. Kaori seemed like she would make such a good mother, and I know this had to have devastated her. Hopefully she hasn’t given up on the idea of children, but even if she has, I just know she was a loving mother to her child. May the little guy rest in peace. 😦

  2. I kind of had this idea of Kaori happily retiring (at least from releasing records) and being a happy and loving mother. I was happy for her as like you said she would make such a good mother. Instead she’s had to deal with all this. Obviously we don’t know what her thoughts are for the future but I kind of hope she does have more kids. I think, although she’ll never get over this loss, becoming a mother again may help soften the pain. Either way whatever happens in her future I hope she gets through all that she must be feeling right now.

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