Yorosen! Week 8 – How C-ute

Yorosen! has been subbed again by H!F and this time it’s the turn of the C-ute girls to enter the fray. Now I’ll be honest I do like their latest single but beyond that I know next to nothing about them. I only know two of their names and with the Wiki being down it’s a bit of a chore to work out who the rest are. Yes I can find a list of the members but which is which? So I’ll refer to them by nicknames for the purposes of this review. To that end I bring you C-ute…



Suzuki Airi obviously.


Likewise Yajima Maimi.




Princess Pretty




The Other One


Dr Teeth. Aww she’s cute though.

So with that all sorted it’s onto episode 1. The teacher this week is Suzuki Airi.


Suzuki will be teaching physical education. The first lesson of which revolves around what exactly?


Ah…a good walk ruined.


Devilment? An excuse for gentlemen to get away from their wives for a few hours? To annoy rabbits? Oh it turns out we have Scotalande (her pronunciation) to blame. Hey how come Scotland is actually called Scotland in Japanese? Well regardless it was Scottish shepherds who were playing with sheep poo. Uhuh.


Aha! So they were trying to annoy rabbits. I knew it. Animal rights activists should definitely attempt to get this game banned. Unless Ayaka is planning to visit the UK again anytime soon to watch her husband play in which case no they shouldn’t but they should definitely go along and take lots of pictures. You know…for research. She wasn’t really dressed as a maid during the British Open was she? Photographic evidence has been sadly lacking. But I’m digressing. Basically Suzuki brings out a map of a golf course and starts pointing out different parts of it. There’s general amazement that The Other One knew what the rough was called.


She also gets another question right a minute later. I think she’s been terrorising rabbits or something.

We then get a very c-ute cute moment as Airi says


Sometimes in Buono pv’s she reminds me a bit of Konkon and she does again here. Her little head movement is what does it.

Anyway when it comes to me not knowing who is who it turns out I am not alone. Even C-ute don’t know. Airi starts asking different members to name the different parts of the golf course…


Only for three different people to answer…


So as well as knowing I can blame Scotland for Steve Ryder having a career I also now know another member of C-ute’s name. I think this is the most I’ve learned while watching Yorosen! to date.

Onto Mano pointless and Princess Pretty starts off the week’s goofing around in the background…


So it’s onto show 2. Apparently Scotland is very cold so golfers drank whiskey to warm themselves up while playing. The Scotland of that time sounds so different to the Scotland of today. 😀

Anyway what’s it called when you get one under par in golf? As a clue Suzuki asks them for the English word for bird.


Princess Pretty knows.


Well nobody is perfect.

So what was used instead of the word Albatross many years ago? It’s something eagle…


Princess Pretty thinks it’s Idiot Eagle. Well that’s not quite right but to be fair if eagle’s were more intelligent perhaps there’d be more of them around. It turns out the answer was Golden Eagle and it was Dr Teeth who got the answer in the end.


Aww she is cute though.

So to the end of show 2 and Mano gets a prop while Ginger Umeda does the goofing…


So onto show 3…


Hello Morning was good. But those days are over. Anyway it’s up to Thingy to do the duties…


She gets it right on the second attempt.


Can’t we just learn about their wives who are called Ayaka? Oh well it turns out the first few are female golfers. Although I didn’t realise that even after seeing a picture of the first one. There’s then a funny moment as Suzuki is about to unveil the most important Japanese golfer only to be pre-empted by Umeda…


So Suzuki’s father is a professional golfer. I’ve learned three things today. Well I guess the choice of golf as a subject makes sense then. Apparently her father is incredibly kind. To be fair he does have a very kawaii daughter but is he married to Ayaka? No. I think we all know which golfer wins that round.

Anyway what extra prize does a golfer get if he wins a tournament sponsored by a consumer electronic company?


Hmm…C-ute members paid so little they can’t even afford a new fridge? Well maybe their catchy new single will turn things around for them. Otherwise I think Umeda should have her dad talk to Suzuki’s dad. 😀

Onto today’s Mano point…


Today’s Morningtime point is that if Mano needs vitamins at her age then H!P are working their artists too hard.

So what delights does episode 4 have in store? Well it seems the subject is golf goods.


Oh good it’ll just be a short episode then this time. You know…as opposed to all those really long ones they’ve been having. Anyway we get a run through of trendy female golfing items such as this club with bling…


I was trying to think up a Bling Crosby joke there but my inspiration died. Bit like Bing on the golf course then. So instead we move onto some frankly quite disturbing head bags. Despite C-ute thinking they are kawaii I think it looks like a mass slaughter of innocent animals using golf clubs. I wonder if you can get rabbit ones?


Moving on and…


Golf club up the jacksie?


Ah it had a golf ball up the jacksie. So close.


Maimi is actually here? She doesn’t seem that involved. I can’t even remember her speaking yet. Anyway I wonder if you can get those golf ball cases in rabbit?

So onto the Mano point and this time The Other One actually stands up behind her and takes a mock golf swing. First Momoko interacts with her and now this. This section is becoming more lively. Now it’s nearly as lively as a rave in a grave. I’m dizzy just watching it. Whatever next? Mano taking a proper part in the show? Well why shouldn’t she? I think she should get to be the teacher one week.


Final show of the week and it’s time for…


So it’s a game of snag golf. Time to split them into two teams. Team one is Umeda, Princess Pretty A.K.A. Nakajima (4 things. I’ve learned 4 things), and Maimi. Okai, Mai and Kanna make up the other team (so it’s Dr Teeth with Thingy and The Other One). So let battle commence. First up..


So now I know what another member is called. Hey that’s 5 things. This week’s show has been brought to you by the number 5 and the word rabbits.


That wasn’t a practice swing by the way! On her second attempt Okai hits the ball and gets 30 points. Umeda looks more confident though…


That’s a good stance. This could be a good thwack…


That wasn’t a practice swing by the way! Well on her second attempt she hits the ball but misses the target. So the next coupling is Hagiwara going up against Nakajima. Hagiwara gets 30 points while Nakajima hits the ball but misses the target. I think I know all the members names now.


So Doctor Teeth is actually Arihara. Oh wait sorry, no…


So Dr Teeth is actually Arihara. Aww she is cute though.

So in the final round both Maimi and Dr Teeth Arihara get 10 points each.


For the Mano point she gets to have a go at the snag golf. Wow it’s almost like a rave in an old people’s home now.


She only gets 10 points but it’s the top end of the board rather than the bottom. It’s nice to see Mano interacting with the others and actually doing something though.

And that’s it. Quite entertaining really without anything too funny happening. One of the more enjoyable shows but not up there with the top ones. Suzuki is a cutie but really the show works best when someone with a very outgoing larger than life sense of humour is the sensei. You really need a sensei of humour in this show. 😀 Ahem. Drum roll please.

C-ute could be interesting over the next few weeks. I guess liking their new single makes their appearance on this show now good timing really. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to them before and I’d still rather be watching the Musume but to be fair it’s actually not so bad having a break from them and finding out about the personalities of some of the younger groups. Still I can’t help looking forward to seeing what Sayumi will make of being a teacher. For the time being though I guess I can live with C-ute. I’m sure there’ll be some interesting characters in there. Airi has the kawaii factor. Now I hope somebody has the same bonkers personality of a Koharu or a Momoko.


6 responses to “Yorosen! Week 8 – How C-ute

  1. If I recall what they said on H!O correctly, you may have a long wait for Sayumi to be the sensei. The next MM month is supposed to be Risa, Aika, Junjun, and Linlin.

    I like Chisato (The Other One)…she’s my favorite. Haven’t actually watched this week’s episodes yet, I just wanted to mention Chisato, because she rocks. She is probably a good bet for the wacky. 🙂

  2. No Sayumi for months? Hmm…well Junjun could be entertaining. 101 things to do with a banana maybe? Mind you that could be rude. 😮

    Maybe the reaction Queen will inject a lot of life into her shows. Yeah I’ll pin my hopes for the next bunch of MM shows on Junjun & Gaki.

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  4. CHISATO… THE OTHER ONE??!!!?? Um, excuse me, she’s THE ONLY ONE!!!!
    ..ok I’ve calmed down…whew..just had to get that off my chest…everyone, um, go back to what they were doing…

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