Morning Musume Christmas 60’s Pop Medley

December is here which means it’s (nearly) Christmas. So I’ll be running through a few Morning Musume related xmas clips over the coming weeks. To start off with here’s a real treat that you may or may not have seen before but here it is anyway in good quality. It’s from some show featuring Akashiya Sanma and it’s basically a 60’s pop medley in English. There’s some xmas stuff in there alongside The Locomotion and Please Mr. Postman. Here’s the low quality Youtube file…

And here is the higher quality direct download.

And here are some screencaps…


The 60’s look really suits some of them. Abe looks gorgeous as does Takahashi. Eri also suits her look. How different does Reina look though? Usually (like with the Pepper Keibu pictures) Reina just looks like Reina normally does but here she looks completely different. 😀

Their English is pretty good I think. Put it this way if there was an English language Morning Musume xmas album I’d be the first in the queue. So cute. Takahashi comes across as the best singer to me. The qualities her voice has are plain to hear no matter what the language. I could stand to hear more Engish from Nacchi too though. All in all I really love this clip. Visually stunning, oh so cute and full of xmas spirit. Perfection.


4 responses to “Morning Musume Christmas 60’s Pop Medley

  1. I LOVE that perf, although I have to say that some of their English isn’t that great haha, but that was a few years back. Awesome way to start off the greatest month of the year, as it involves my B-Day =)

  2. I’m sorry, I can’t seem to download the file from megaupload. Can you please upload it to filefactory, if its not too much trouble

  3. Happy Birthday Sacredcultivator. A good start to the month huh?
    I think the girls do well with their English. Mind you I’m someone who finds English with a foreign accent exceptionally cute so I don’t mind. This performance is pure win! 😀

    Helldom I’ve had problems at times with Megaupload so I’ve uploaded to Filefactory. I’ve put it in the main post.

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