Yorosen! Week 9 Subbed

Yes once again H!F have subbed Yorosen into English. So who is the teacher this week?


It seems she’ll be teaching all about men. Ooh and she looks so sweet too. Butter wouldn’t melt.

So which man is up first?


Yes that’s right…Columbus. Uhuh. So what is Saki’s impression of Mr Columbus?


Well to be fair her impression of him is better than her drawing of him.

Up next…


Napoleon. Of course! So what is he known for?


Yes that’s right Umeda. Napoleon created Neopolitan ice cream. A great idea except for the chocolate bit.

There’s some fun impressions in the first show with Princess Pretty doing them and then making the rest do them as well. It’s a reasonably funny 4 minutes with lots of energy. The Mano point is fun too. I like the goofing around behind her. Always one of the more entertaining moments of the shows. Which is quite worrying really. I mean what does that say for the rest of the shows?


So onto the second segment. First up an historic woman.


Can we just call her Fred? It’d be quicker.


Oh…that Marie Antoinette Josephe Jeanne de Habsbourg Lorraine.


No idea what that’s all about but it’s cute and I like her dress.


And so are you.

The Mano point is very funny as she fails to say Fred’s full name correctly.


Mano is becoming the star of these shows I reckon.

Show three of the week. Up first this time…


Yes you guessed it…Peter The Great.

Show 3 is more impressions and stuff and is fun and cute but by this stage also a bit repetitive. The Mano point is quite funny as she runs away from Suzuki.


Onto show four and it’s time to lighten the mood so what better subject than Hitler.


I’m not sure if that picture is supposed to depict him before or after he’d shot himself.

The rest of the section on Hitler tells us how good he is at speeches and how he felt he was too short. It fails to mention anything about war or attempted genocide. Funny that. To me any teaching on Hitler should really point out how he was an evil bastard who caused the deaths of millions but then what do I know.

Show five is the test. This time they have to guess who  Saki is impersonating.


Just say Fred.


Fred would have been quicker.

The final show is quite giggly for the members. Then we get Mano’s impression…


And so are you.

Well my opinion of this week’s shows is that Saki put herself across well. Her personality shone through. However things did start to drag. Really the format of the show means that you get 20 minutes of people sitting in a classroom. If there’s not enough humour then it can become a struggle to keep watching. The subject is all important as well. A light-hearted subject can lead to more humour and more input from the rest of the group. If it’s something historical there is scope for unintentional humour (like the neopolitan bit) but there’s less scope for the members making any other contributions. It’s often better if the subject is something the members can relate to. The subject this week, despite the classroom participation, was not really interesting enough to keep things moving apace. It became a bit samey really. Once you’ve seen them copying an impression of one person you’ve basically seen all there is to see. Plus despite Saki being cute and outgoing she really lacks the inspired madness of a Momoko or Kusumi. So it was kind of an okay week. Not near the top but not near the bottom.


5 responses to “Yorosen! Week 9 Subbed

  1. So it seems the section on Hitler has caused some controversy. According to this Hello-Online news article http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?act=helloonline&CODE=article&topic=624 the home pages of TV Tokyo and production company SSM posted an apology message.

    The way Hitler was so casually mentioned did make me wonder just what is taught in terms of World War II history in Japan. The fact that people complained is something I am very pleased about. It shows that the people of Japan don’t see him as a good person.

    I’m not sure how lack of knowledge of history is an excuse for airing that stuff in the first place though. Surely somebody behind the scenes is responsible for the content given to the C-ute members? Either way I’m glad the apology has been given. I’m sure nobody believes the girls really knew what they were talking about so it’s not as if any blame can really be put onto them. But someone at the production company should really get a telling off.

  2. Yeah… they have to ask an apology at this week Yorossen… that was Wrong but it was not faulf of the girls, it was the fault of the producers, i mean who spects an idold to be smart?

  3. At the end of the day the girls are only young. The show is supposed to be light-hearted so they will all be tuned to that kind of vibe. Whoever chose Hitler as a suitable topic is the one to blame. I doubt anyone blames the girls. Mind you they should still know who he is.

  4. i’m so sorry to hear that one of yorosen’s eps caught on a controversion.. I hope UF should watch their step more , and be more careful next times. There will be very unacceptable if Yorosen got “vanished” by controversions..T_T

    Yorosen now is the only one tv show that holds the name of Momusu,berryz,an c-ute after the lost of haromoni and berikyuu~..

    i hope everything’ll be kay ~ ^^

  5. It’s a shame there’s only one show now. It’s on so late in Japan too. Hopefully the controversy will just be forgotten about quickly. I think Yorosen could be better but even as it is now it’s better than having no H!P show.

    Oh and welcome to my blog Monchishimizu. Always good to find new people commenting. 🙂

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