Yuko Nakazawa – Last Christmas

This is very Engrish but cute nevertheless. It can’t be easy singing in a foreign language and I think she does alright. Okay I’m not convinced she really gets what she’s singing. It does sound a bit like words with no meaning in parts but then again it’s still better than listening to Wham. It does  go on a bit and she does seem a bit mumbly at times but as I said it can’t be easy. Not as good as the Morning Musume 60’s xmas medley but still a nice addition to my non-existant Christmas with H!P album. Also Yuko looks beautiful which is a major plus point.

There was a Youtube video but it seems to have been taken down so here’s a direct download.



2 responses to “Yuko Nakazawa – Last Christmas

  1. Interesting link. If only it came with a dvd of them singing the songs.

    Christmas with H!P sounds great. They should have also had a Christmas special filmed in a log cabin with lots of special guests dropping in. 😀

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