Winter Pics

December has been a pretty poor month for me. Lots of health problems and other stuff going on has meant I’ve pretty much abandoned my blog for the month (I’d written all those Christmas posts at the start of the month luckily). However hopefully I’m back now. Well possibly. Although maybe not. Either way I thought I’d post some Christmas or winter style pics I came across recently. Yes it’s just like the old days…cute and/or sexy picspam. 😀


I hope Santa Claus is coming to my town.


Either of them. It must be true what parents say. There’s lots of Santa Claus. They are all helping out the real one. 😀


Beauty and kawaii. But which is better? Well there’s only one way to find out…fight.


Oh wait…scrap that there’s a new contender. Rika is mesmerising me more and more these days. Too many gorgeous women. It’s such a terrible strain. 😀


I hope to god they don’t start singing.


Lovely smiles in a lovely manner doesn’t she?


I’d like to wish all of Yui you a sexy little Christmas time.


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