L.O.V.E. Lovely…Ear Muffs Hitomi

So to round off my Christmas posts here we have the sheer oddness of Pucchi Moni with Pittari Shitai X’mas. It’s the weirdest Santa I’ve ever seen that’s for sure. There’s two links. One is the normal pv and one the close-up version. Both are good quality. This post goes out to Charmy Risuzu. Therefore this post may contain traces of Yasuda. 😀 Merry Christmas Charmy. Here’s hoping you get what you want (although I think Inaba might be back in Japan now?)

Pucchi pv

Pucchi Close-up


Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009 to all who have visited my blog since it began back in April. Especially to those who left comments. Comments are always appreciated and make posting seem that bit more worthwhile.


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