H!P Girls part 18 – Erika Miyoshi

Yes it’s the special probably one-off slight return of my H!P girls posts. Since she won’t be a H!P girl for much longer and because she is so often criminally overlooked (including by me) I thought it was time to set the record straight. Here I bring you a very well reasoned essay some picspam on Erika Miyoshi. Yes the very pretty third member of Biyuden. She doesn’t have large breasts and she isn’t Rika Ishikawa but even so Erika deserves some love. She has a very good voice a very pretty face and frankly killer legs. Mostly though I am particularly besotted with the shape of her mouth for some reason. Anyway have you seen the recent pics of her? She is really getting more and more beautiful. Please UFA give her something to do. Personally I’d love to see her and Yui as a duo but either way I just hope we get to see her releasing new songs at some stage. All 3 members of Biyuden were great. The fact that two of them may just slip away completely is such a waste. Both deserve far better. Erika probably had the strongest voice of all 3 members. Surely her record company can find some outlet for her talent? She can sing, she can dance and she looks good. Where’s the love?



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