Yorosen! Week 12 subbed

H!F have subbed the xmas week of Yorosen episodes. I’ve missed a couple of weeks due to ill health but I’m back in time for a Christmas celebration with the C-ute girls. Umeda is the sensei and the others have to make cakes for a Christmas party.


Dr Teeth and Suzuki will make a Christmas log.


Meanwhile Maimi and the Princess will be baking cup cakes and decorating them.


The final pairing of Thingy and The Other One have to make cookies.


Although they seem to be spending more time eating than actually making cookies…


And that’s it for the first show. Well except for the goof-around-behind-Mano bit…


So onto the second show…


Santa has some presents for the C-ute members. Umm…I wonder if Santa baby would like to come down my chimney tonight? She must be tired after delivering all those presents. I’d like to help her relax. 😉

And what are those presents?


Maimi gets some kind of sports muscle builder and looks perplexed.

Nakajima is up next…


Nakajima gets books on becoming a leader and looks perplexed.

Arihara is next up…


She gets self-help books and…collapses on the floor laughing.

Then it’s onto show three for the rest of the presents. Airi gets…


…A joke book to become more interesting. Well the responses she tried out from it were certainly ‘interesting’ if not alltogether successful.

Next up is Okai…


Okai gets packets of Ramen and looks very happy.

Which finally leaves Thingy Hagiwara…


Hagiwara gets so much purple clothing that even Reina would turn fittingly purple with envy.

And that’s it for the presents except for one final one during Mano’s section…


What do you get a 17 year old for Christmas? A cooked chicken. Uhuh.

Episode four starts with the most interesting bit of all…


Hmm…if Santa is busy later on I don’t suppose you could be of service?

Yes these shows are basically just Umeda dress-up heaven.


I’d say you’re a bit more than just pretty.


Yes quite a bit more you…you…minx. I say. Phwooar.

Well the rest of show four is just the other members preparing cakes and so on. There’s a bit where Umeda puts some cake in her mouth before it’s covered in cream but this is (still just about) a blog suitable for all ages so I’m keeping my mouth shut. Thus it’s onto show five. Which is basically everyone sitting around eating cakes…


Which just leaves time for Mano to wish everyone a happy new year…


And that’s the last Yorosen of the year. The final show of the year fittingly saw the members of C-ute gorging themselves on something that is tasty but ultimately not that filling. A metaphor for Yorosen itself maybe? Still there was some good dress-up action. I’ll never complain about that. I’ll look forward to seeing what costumes Yorosen has in store for 2009. As long as some of the madder personalities get to be the sensei again (I’m looking at you two Koharu and Momoko) I dare say there’ll be some fun shows.


2 responses to “Yorosen! Week 12 subbed

  1. They all did such a good job on their respective tasks…the “Log Cake” looked frelling awesome, they really did that one well. Of course, my favorite were the cookies and donuts…Mai and Chisato really made them look very tasty. I definitely wish I could have tasted Chisato’s cookies (no perviness actually intended there).

    And you were definitely not the only one to hear Santa Baby in your head when Erika walked into the room in that outfit. I heard it in your head as well, and I’m on another continent! 😉

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