H!P Girls part 19 – Satoda Mai

Continuing with my picspam series on the best that H!P has to offer I bring you Satoda Mai. Now H!P has many pretty and cute young girls amongst it’s ranks but after March this year it will have precisely zero sexy women. The set of pictures to follow should really come with a warning that says DANGER: MAY CAUSE NOSEBLEEDS.

Mai could easily have become a Morning Musume member having auditioned to be a 4th generationer in 2000. Instead she had to wait until 2002 when she was brought into Country Musume. Her debut single with them was their best ever song in my opinion. Iroppoi Onna ~Sexy Baby~ stands up there with the best that H!P has ever offered. Sexy and catchy. Perfect! It even has Rika Ishikawa for added greatness. On top of the five singles (and one album) Country Musume released with Mai she was also put into Ongaku Gatas (and Gatas Brilhantes H.P.) In Ongaku Gatas she is a main player (no pun intended) alongside the heavy hitters of Yoshizawa Hitomi, Rika Ishikawa and of course the ever kawaii Konno Asami. Quite some line up. So far they have released three great singles and one okay album. Whether following the move from H!P they will have any more releases only time will tell but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. However thanks to the quiz show Hexagon, Mai seems to have found a lease of life away from H!P and is having plenty of musical success with the group Pabo and with Gōda Kyōdai. So like with Rika and Yossie you know Mai will be just fine when she leaves H!P (it’s kawaii Konno I’m most expecting to drift away. She has her studies after all). So Mai has a seemingly bright future ahead. She’ll be one of the H!P graduates who will carry on and probably go from strength to strength.

Which is great because frankly while I adore all those pretty young and cute girls in H!P I also greatly appreciate the more womanly personality and figure of a singer like Mai. All the prettyness and cuteness is great but I can’t help seeing the Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou members as almost like little sister types. Even someone I find sexy like Reina is still very young and not really sexy as a woman. She is more sexy with a teenage vitality and cheekyness. Sexy and alluring but still not the finished article. She is still a bit immature (although give it another year or two and then woah). Whereas someone a little bit older who I completely adore like my favourite member Takahashi Ai is not really sexy so much as sweet, cute, funny, pretty and beautiful of heart. All of which I’d take of course but if you want a bit of womanly sexual potency and a strong character (and we all like to see a bit of that at times) then Mai is one of only a small group of H!P members who can deliver. I’d always take the Takahashi type first as I’m a hopeless romantic at heart (seriously…I’m really hopeless) and just love that purity, humour and happy innocence but I can’t deny the impact of a beautiful and strong woman like Mai. If you don’t believe me just scroll down. If you’ve overlooked her in the past you will be surprised!



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