Yaguchi & Nacchi in Iceland

A little while ago on her blog Yaguchi Mari was posting from Iceland. Not only that but she was there with Abe Natsumi. What were they doing there? Well it was all to do with a tv show called Sekai no Mura de Hakken (at least I think that’s what it’s called). Thanks to some kind soul the show is available to download through the tracker here. The show is not subtitled but it’s still fun. From what I can gather Yaguchi and Nacchi need to travel across Iceland until they get to a place called Höfn where a Japanese woman is living. In sorting out travel they have to speak English and it’s so cute. They have to ask for directions, sort out bus travel and even at one stage hitchhike (with cameraman in tow. Otherwise I’m not so sure it’s such a good example to be setting!) Plus they need to sort out accommodation for the night. Hearing their attempts at English is obviously the cutest thing ever and they speak it really well.

It’s a really entertaining show. As well as the English speaking bits we get to see them dealing with cold weather, foreign food and for one night a very basic chalet. When they step out of the airport and the cold hits them for the first time their reactions are so funny. They seem to be having a lot of fun watching their breath. Personally the cold brings an added advantage as I love the winter look on women and Yaguchi and Nacchi look so cute all wrapped up warm. With the food they put on the usual ecstatic faces when eating hot dogs but later on Nacchi tastes something that must really disagree with her. Her expression is priceless. I’d love to know what they are saying when they find a place to stay for the night. I’m sure they are used to a bit better. Anyway the programme is 43 minutes long and even if you don’t speak Japanese it’s highly recommended. It has Nacchi. It has Yaguchi. It has English in parts. It’s very kawaii. Could you possibly want more? Well yes. I’d want to be the guy who gives them a lift while hitchhiking. I’d also love to see this subbed but even so it’s great fun. I could stand to see other H!P members doing this type of show. Rika and Yuko in England maybe? Well I can dream. 😀



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