H!P Girls part 20 – Mitsui Aika

Aww Mitsui. Where is the love? Of all the members of Morning Musume over the years she seems to get the most stick. True she isn’t the cutesy type (well she is cute but not in the most immediately noticeable way) but there are enough members for there to be many different types of musume. Surely variety in the line up is important? Anyway on the 12th January 2009 Mitsui will become 16. Happy birthday!

So…sixteen. Perhaps she’ll be given a photobook soon? And maybe so will Junjun and Linlin? It’s about time someone from the eighth generation got one. At least Junjun and Linlin had a nod to them with the Chinese book that came out last year. In a way Mitsui is the most left out of all. Okay being sensible the members who are likely to sell the most will always get the most opportunities but again with so many releases surely every member should get a chance?

Either way I think Mitsui will continue to improve within MM and will come into her own more and more as she grows up. I always get the impression that she maybe has felt the pressure a bit at times. I’m not sure why I think that. Maybe it’s just the way I see her as she is the youngest? Still time passes and I think at some stage she will really find a spurt in her emotional growth and will become a stronger presence. In the meantime she does have her cute moments. Just see her letter to her 10 years future self on Yorosen during week 13. Alternatively see some of those cute sushi roll segments on Haromoni@. Kawaii. Mitsui has worked hard and earned her place in Morning Musume. But I’m sure her best is yet to come. In the coming years we should see a lot more from her. I think she has a lot more to offer. I hope this coming year is a good one for her.

Anyway cute pics time…



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