Yorosen! week 13 subbed

H!F have again subbed Yorosen! This week it’s Niigaki’s turn to take to the blackboard (except she isn’t using it).


The show starts off with Niigaki asking what milestone is coming up for her and Kamei in a week’s time.


A huh? Well perhaps unsurprisingly that’s not the answer. Takahashi knows what it is though. Ah Takahashi…


So beautiful. I’ve missed her! Anyway Takahashi will know the answer. As leader it’s her job to know these things.


Bad Reina! Leading her astray.


Reina enjoys herself doesn’t she? Anyway Koharu has the correct answer…


So the theme for the week is the different coming of age celebrations in different parts of Japan. In one area there’s a fashion show which leads to Niigaki doing an impression of a fashion model…


Mano does a fun little fashion walk herself at the end. She’s so cute.


Onto show two and what do you have to do in Yamagata’s Asahi Village?


Welcome to Reina World. Where everything is funny but not right!

In one area the 20 year olds have to write a letter to their 10 years in the future selves. So the homework at the end of show two is for the Musume to do the same thing.


This could be interesting.

Today’s Mano point is…


I think Sayumi is trying the same thing. Today’s Morningtime point is that the Mano point sections just aren’t as much fun with nobody in the background.

Show three. Niigaki is going to read the other members letters…


This could be funny.I’m expecting evilness from Niigaki.

The first message is quite short and consists of things like…


It didn’t consist of much else. Who could it be. Well before Niigaki cruelly shows everyone the handwriting anyway someone gives the game away anyway…


Embarrassed much?

Kamei then has some advice for the others…


As expected the second one is also full of clues. The age 29 is mentioned which limits it to two members. Then as it goes on Reina is laughing so much…


But that doesn’t mean anything right? It could still be from Sayumi.


Okay that might just give it away. 😀 This letters malarkey has been evil as expected. Much more entertaining than the usual Yorosen stuff.

Today’s Mano point is that she is expecting tough times before she reaches success. Personally I hope she gets it easily. Although I’m sure being an idol is hard work…


Onto show four and continuing with the letters. The next one is clearly from Mitsui. It’s also exceptionally cute and brings her to tears. Aww.


Seriously…Mitsui is so sweet. If you don’t like her you have to watch this. You’ll change your mind I’m sure. I haven’t screencapped it well as I was concentrating on emotions but she clearly loves being with the other eight members.

Onto the next letter…


Ah it’s Lovely. I’m expecting some loveliness here. What I get is short but still full of Lovely’s loveliness.


How lovely is that letter? Look at those lovely hearts. Aww. This week’s shows are full of cute moments.

Next up is perhaps the funniest moment of the week…


So Junjun must read it herself…


I think people will be very touched by Junjun’s letter.


See? Well it does show just how close all the current Musume are.

So onto show five and the final letters. I’ll be interested to see if Sayumi’s has her trademark humorous ‘I’m cute’ self-love. Up first though is Linlin and she has done the same thing as Junjun so must read it herself…


It’s another quite sweet one. So next it’s Sayumi. It’s not as cutesy as I thought it might be…


So Sayumi admits the USA-chan peace is painful. Quite funny.

So there’s just one member left and that’s Kusumi…


Everyone has been really sweet. Well except…


Eri perhaps starts to realise that she didn’t put as much thought into it as she should have.

But wait. What about Niigaki herself? Has she done one? Well yes she has…


So Niigaki is expecting the same 9 Morning Musume members in 10 years. Hmm…more like Mid-Afternoon Musume. You know these 9 members have been together unchanged for longer than any other MM line up. They are going to cry buckets at the next graduation (whoever the next graduate may be).

And so that’s it except for Mano’s point…


Any show featuring Morning Musume (or any of the other groups) works far better if all the members are given something to do. This week All 9 members were and it was far more entertaining than these shows typically are. Each member had their moment in the spotlight and each member got to show something of their personality. Even Eri who got to show her lazy side. 😀 Week 13 was the week where Yorosen became really touching. The bond between all 9 members is really strong and if you don’t love each and every member well you bloody well should. Week 13 is pure win to use internet language. Junjun and Linlin writing in Chinese, Eri hardly writing at all, Mitsui’s tears. This week was the strongest week so far. It showed what can be achieved when all get a chance to shine. I really hope there will be more shows where everyone gets to play a part.

Oh and Mitsui…so sweet. Kawaii.


2 responses to “Yorosen! week 13 subbed

  1. Hey, hehe kinda curious as to how your review of Week 14 will be along with if you’ll do a review on AH3 =)

  2. Ah week 14 I haven’t got round to watching yet so I’m not sure if I’ll be posting about it or not. I think it’ll depend on what I think of it. I’m being a bit selective at the moment because I’ve not really had as much time on the net as normal. As for Alo-Hello 3 well I watched it on Friday and loved it. Especially Kusumi’s village captain volleyball skills. 😀

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