So the first episode of Takahashi Ai’s new drama Q.E.D. has aired and thanks to the good person or people of KAMI (no idea what that stands for) it’s been subbed. It’s really good. Lovely is perfectly cast and despite being in her 20’s now is still perfectly believable as a schoolgirl. I’m not going to review the show however. If you want a subbed version there’s several groups (not just KAMI) that have subbed the first episode and you can download from the tracker here in various screen sizes.

This show is so good that it’s really cheered me up on what has been a crappy day. It comes highly recommended.  I wonder if it’s too much to hope for a dvd release with English subtitles at some stage? Sure I’ll download the subbed episodes but you just can’t beat shiny dvd’s. The main point of my post however is to say just how insanely jealous I am of Takahashi’s co-star. I’m not going to explain these pictures but I mean just look!


She could do that to me anyday. Several times a day in fact. 😀


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