Q.E.D. episode 2

Q.E.D. continues to be great fun and I’ll continue picspamming my favourite Takahashi moments of the show. N!N have subbed it and you can find their work here. It’s well worth it if you like a bit of murder mystery hokum with a very beautiful Japanese singer. Actually I think this show is really well cast. The guy playing Takahashi’s father is excellent and  the guy playing Touma Sou really fits the part well too. But picspam…


Kawaii. Well gorgeous quite frankly. Mind you there is one picture from the next week preview that makes me want to spontaneously combust in happiness…


I may need a lie down now.


5 responses to “Q.E.D. episode 2

  1. I love that black dress on her. It’s the most normal thing I’ve ever seen her wear, and though I haven’t actually been in years, I’d love to take her to Church one Sunday with her dressed like that. *sigh*

    As for the show itself, it is the third murder mystery show I watch every week (the other two being Monk and Psych). Man, I’m going to hate it when this series finishes. Ten episodes is NOT enough!

  2. I really hope it goes down well and they make some more.

    Mainly though I’m looking forward to next week. 😀

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