Yorosen! Week 14 subbed

So H!F have once again subbed Yorosen. It’s a bit strange this time as show one is a continuation of the previous week’s theme. Niigaki is still talking about coming of age ceremonies. I reckon last week they just couldn’t edit out any of the letters from the members so carried the end bit over to this week. However they should just have dropped it as the rest of the week is far more entertaining.

So moving on to show two and who is the sensei?


Excuse me for asking but when did Mitsui become so cute?


Yes so cute?

Anyway Mitsui’s been at Koharu’s secret stash and is as hyper as a child that’s been reared on nothing but blue Smarties. This leads to some banter with the others commenting on her high-pitched voice which is fun to watch.

So what’s the theme for this (four fifth’s of a) week?




Oh. Well I can be a pet. Tickle my stomach and get a surprise.


The black and white one looks bizarre.


He does? He still looks bizarre. He looks somewhat…permanently dazed. Have you been giving him some of your secret stash? Actually he looks like he’s probably been dealing you the stash in the first place. What’s his name? Huggy Bear?


He starts flushing things down the toilet? Anyway what does the sexily straight-haired Reina think of Mitsui’s dog?


Hmm…I can kind of see what she means. It’s the perm.


Now Mitsui don’t look like that. Reina’s kind of right. By the way when did you get so cute?

So episode two (or one of four) ends after a whirlwind of dog breeds from Mitsui. It’s the kind of energy previously only seen from those celebrated anarchists Koharu and Momoko. In fact I think all three should have their own sitcom. The Seishun Ones maybe?

Episode three (two of four) starts…


Is that screen virtually the same size as Mitsui? I want one.


Is Sayumi singing? Is Kusumi? Oh wait she’s talking about a dog on the screen. So cute. Really adorable. I want one. I’m not talking about the dog. Five foot of lovely is what I want. No that’s not the size of the monitor either.


That is so cute. I’m not talking about the dog either.

Next dog?


Are all these dogs on drugs? That dog is stoned maaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Anyway the show goes on and the pictures become more about Mitsui than the pets which is funny to see.


They agree.


That dog’s been at the wacky backy. Actually isn’t that Brian from Family Guy?


Don’t do drugs kids. Don’t. Do. Drugs. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.


Oh it’s a dog puppet. Look Aika’s opening the mouth from the back.


Kawaii (yes I’m not talking about the dog).

So that’s show three out the way. Except Mano’s bit which is filmed separately now. 😦 It’s just not the same.

Show four (or Mitsui’s guide to animals on drugs show three) starts…


Well that would put me off meddling for life. But which is your favourite drug-addled animal?


Really? My favourite is…



Very true both of you. So onto show five (well four. Well you know what I mean).


Yes that’s because the animal protection charities are good at spotting drug abuse.

But wait. Do you want a pet? Yes? But you’re not allowed one? How about a cat cafe?


Hmm they are cute but I don’t want one. I want a sexy cat.


There are other sexy cats? I want that one. Now that’s a sexy cat. I wonder if I can adopt her?


I know I shouldn’t but…legs. 😀


A really nice picture?


And so is that. Someone give this idol a photobook now! Yes I said idol. Mitsui’s been a great sensei. Full of energy and humour. Very much the idol. You know between last week’s shows and this week’s I’ve really come to adore Mitsui. I liked her on Haromoni@ during her sushi segments but at other times she wasn’t served so well. The memory tests brought out a slight smugness more than anything else. It’s been this past two week’s shows that have shown us the Mitsui of 2009. The 16 year old Mitsui. She has an idol’s personality. Full of humour, energy and cute moments. It’s a pity the only show to showcase that in is shown at about 2 in the morning. Anyway I digress. Back to the final episode.




Niigaki’s leaving? I was wondering when the next graduation would be.


*cough* Photobook *cough*

And that’s it. Except…


It’s Mano! With people behind her! And look Eri is taking the opportunity to mimic her! Total joy. Ah now that’s a proper Mano section.

So that’s it then. A great four episodes. I’ve said it before but Yorosen works better with fluffier topics (pardon the pun).


Shush! Anyway as I was saying Yorosen works better with light-hearted subjects. It also helps when the sensei injects some energy into it. Mitsui’s shows had all the energy and humour that was required to make the shows fun. You know…fun? A concept that often seems to be overlooked by tv producers on H!P shows these days. So this week the shows were entertaining and what’s more as I said earlier Mitsui came across with so much energy and cuteness that she did actually seem like an idol. I’ve really warmed to her these past few weeks. Yorosen has at least achieved something then. It’s showcased one of the often overlooked eighth generation. Now when do Junjun and Linlin get their turn?

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