Kago Ai – Adultism

So Kago’s forthcoming pb has been causing lots of debate it seems. Are the pictures sleazy? Should she be going in that direction? Isn’t she cold? All these questions and many more have been asked in many quarters. Well except that last one. Nobody seems too bothered about her catching pneumonia. So what’s my take I don’t hear you ask? Well I don’t know. Okay thanks then. Bye.

No but really I’m not sure. Are those kind of pics okay in general? If so are they good for Kago? Was the heating on? I don’t know but by rambling on here I’m hoping to find out. Others think before they post. I think as I post. Which is better? I’m not sure but…actually that question can be ignored.

People have been saying that Okada Yui will go into modelling. I’ll be disappointed if she does. Yes she’s damn sexy and of course I’ll be first in the queue for anything she releases but that’s because of her singing (and acting) in the past and because of her tv appearances. As I have an idea of her personality already I’ll buy her stuff like a shot. I’ve not shown any interest in Japanese models so far because it’s the personality that draws me in. Models in a sense have no personality other than what the photographer gives them. Standing there basically saying ‘I have breasts so do you like me’ doesn’t interest me too much. Obviously I notice looks first but that’s just because I have eyes. But it’s the personality that makes me interested in someone beyond the initial oh she’s cute or whatever. That’s why, despite them being good looking, I have no interest in Matsuura and very little interest in Fujimoto Miki. That’s also why the people I noticed first when getting into Morning Musume aren’t now my favourites. My favourites are the ones who came to the forefront when I was watching interviews or Hello! Morning/Haromoni@. Takahashi Ai is beautiful to look at but crucially has the kind of personality I love. Likewise Iida Kaori rose to the top of my favourites list through tv shows like those early Utaban’s. Meanwhile Sayumi who I pretty much noticed immediately went down the pecking order once I realised that beyond a one-dimensional cute personality she had nothing else but her looks. My god she looks great but even now that’s not enough to put her in my top ten. I want something more than just looks. So models don’t interest me. I’ve loved Yui’s singing and she basically stole Yo-Yo Girl Cop from under Matsuura’s nose (which is small and cute and I still don’t like her. See? Looks aren’t everything). If Yui just does modelling then it’s such a waste of talent. But at least I have preconceptions of her personality and because I like her I’ll support her anyway. I’d like to support her by being her bra but I digress.

I have no problems with H!P members being bikini-clad in photobooks. Indeed I just watched Alo-Hello 3 and needed several tissues to get through it (because of all the nosebleeds they gave me. What did you think I meant? Well you’re just dirty minded). The photobooks aren’t sleazy. There’s nothing suggestive in any of the poses. They are just beautiful girls having fun. Of course they are idols and so are marketed to be pure. Also we already know their (public) personalities through their main work. The photobooks aren’t just ‘I have breasts aren’t I attractive’ type books. I can’t look at a Reina pb without seeing the personality. Well it’s hard to eclipse Reina’s sheer force of personality anyway. 😀 It’s the same for any member. See the pictures and you see your idea of the personality too. Sayumi is sexy and cute, Lovely is the Japanese Audrey Hepburn, Eri is goofy and has a great figure, Risa is attractive and somehow the most mature of the current group and Aya is…well Aya is an evil monster behind that supposedly sweet smile. See? That’s my idea of their personalities and no pb has ever made me forget those ideas. So I love pb’s. They raise my blood pressure but without ever feeling sleazy. Beautiful personalities and beautiful looks going together in sweet harmony. Sexy and yet somehow pure and life-affirming at the same time.

Then there’s the Kago Ai preview pics that are coming out.


Well my first impression to this pic is that Kago doesn’t really look that attractive when photographed like that. Also the setting doesn’t look too appealing. However it’s not particularly suggestive even with all that bare flesh. It says “I’m an adult now” but then what do you expect from a book called Adultism?


With this pic I just wonder what the heck she’s doing? I mean the ropes aren’t particularly tied like it’s a bondage scene. So what’s the meaning? Maybe it’s some kind of artistic reenactment of her days in H!P. Tied up by H!P. Unable to grow as she’d like? Still Kago herself looks better in this pic than the previous one. I think on it’s own it’d work as an arty pic.


For this pic I just think she looks miserable. That’s not really sexy. She looks a bit like she should be on display in a window in Amsterdam.


Nothing wrong with that pic. Hey what’s all the fuss about? A more mature Kago on show here. This book is obviously full of insight into who the adult Kago is.


Oh. Well this pic reminds me that I haven’t had sex in a while and that maybe I can have sex with her? I mean she looks up for it. Hmm…but considering the kind of porn that’s available out there that’s still a very tame pic.


Brr it’s freezing. This looks like a clip from one of those awful softcore porn movies usually called something like Caged Women in Heat. Yes Kago has been sent to a detention centre somewhere, has been behaving badly and must be punished. Later on she’ll be left out on a sunny day in a cage with another woman and they’ll end up licking the sweat off each other for moisture.


You know I really don’t have a problem with the pose. The book is called Adultism. Kago is an adult. She has a sexuality. No problem. Except the tint of the picture makes it look like it belongs in a 70’s porn mag. Oh and the bareness to the background makes it look quite bleak too. It doesn’t look like a bedroom so much as a brothel. Also from a distance it looks like she’s wearing a nappy.


See previous comment. Except add in that there’s a bit too much breast on display. I don’t mind the adult pose but don’t really want to see that much. Something should be left to the imagination (if you want to imagine such things. For me, with Kago at least, I’ve never wanted to).


Okay so it looks like a brothel. Which makes that pic look like an “I’ll have that one please“.


And it looks like we’ve started. Basically this is just simulated sex. The pic isn’t saying anythinge else. It just says “this is me on the verge of an orgasm“.


And this is me really on the verge of an orgasm“. The only thing this picture does is make me want to have sex right now. Preferably with someone who does that with her mouth during it.

In some of those pics I see Kago and think ‘well it’s just Kago showing an adult side’. I don’t have a problem with that. However the way those pictures are shot (I’m thinking of the bed ones in particular) it just looks sleazy. It’s not so much Kago herself as just the sparsity and colour in the pics. It really does just look like a brothel (not that I’ve ever been in one). Meanwhile with the outdoor pics she just looks unhappy. There’s no sensual feeling to them. Maybe sensuality was what she was going for? Instead, again she just looks like a hooker. The tied up pic on it’s own is fine. The bonds are loose and when I first saw it I really did think it was a tongue-in-cheek statement about her H!P days. But those last two pics are just very sleazy. All they say is SEX. If you want to look at some very soft porn then the last pic is great. That’s basically all it is.

In all those pics there’s only been a few where I’ve seen Kago in them. The rest I’ve just seen some unhappy looking woman trying (and failing with most of them) to look sexy. When she does look sexy it’s only in a really basic ‘this is what I look like during sex‘ kind of way. Maybe that says more about me than it does about the pics? I don’t see Kago because I still think of Kago as the H!P idol of Morning Musume and W? Except I don’t really buy that. I’ve been reading her blog translations and when I think of Kago now I think of Kago as she is now. That is I think of Kago as being an ex-idol who is trying to make a new career. I see her being at the age she is now. I don’t think of the 13 year old Kago of her early Musume days or even the older teen of her W days. I think of her as she’s appeared in her blog pictures. Yet I don’t see her in a lot of these pics. I just see some badly photographed woman who probably could look a lot better with a better stylist on hand, a better photographer and a better idea as to what kind of poses to do.

If I wanted to masterbate over a Japanese woman I can think of lots who are far more attractive. So what’s the point of these pics? Oh it’s Kago. So I should be interested right? Hmm…except I don’t see Kago. Just some girl who looks vaguely abused in some of the pics.

If Kago had pulled the same kind of poses with a bit more life, maybe a bit more humour, in fact if she’d done them with a devilish smile it may have worked. She’d still have needed a much better photographer though. Because frankly those pictures are mostly poor. I don’t know what Kago wanted to achieve with them but I think it’s a bit of an own goal. I doubt it’ll help her be taken seriously as she continues on the comeback trail. Time will tell I suppose but I’d be surprised. However she is an adult and it’s her choice. I don’t feel any less about her for doing these pics. I do wonder who is managing her though. I wonder what the ultimate aim is. I wonder what she wants to actually do with her career. She hasn’t got the looks to be a model and I can’t see these pics doing her any favours in the long run. Some people will buy the book because it’s Kago but would anyone buy a second book as well? Maybe if she went a bit further. If she has to go down that road where will it end? I doubt these pictures will help in her quest to act more. I doubt they will help her be taken more seriously. But despite the pics not being that good I think a lot of that is to do with the photographer and the other behind the scenes people. She needs better management. An adult pb could work if it’s classy. These pics seem mainly just sleazy. It seems like an opportunity wasted. That’s a shame.


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