Q.E.D. episode 3

Q.E.D. episode 3 has been subbed by [KAMI] and is available here. It ‘s fun nonsense this week and is well worth a watch. Especially if, like me, you adore her loveliness. And as for adoration well it’s easy to decide on the stand out moment of the week…


Kawaii. How do I order maid service? 😀

On a side note the actress playing Queen was very attractive too. I like this show. Fun mysteries and beautiful girls. Ten episodes won’t be enough!


3 responses to “Q.E.D. episode 3

  1. Damn it, I haven’t watch the third episode yet! But from what you have up there, this episode promises more cute faces of Ai-chan! Can’t wait to watch it coz I had never imagine Ai-chan in maid uniforms before!

  2. I’ve always found it quite easy to imagine her in a maid uniform. Maybe that says a lot about me. 😀

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