Q.E.D. episode 4.

Q.E.D. has again been subbed by several groups this week and a good definition download can be found here. So what does the very light-hearted comedy drama have in store Takahashi picspam-wise this week? Well in amongst all the exceptionally dodgy accents during the sections set in an American university (I’m presuming it’s an American university populated entirely by people who have never been to America) we have this quick clip of Lovely speaking English…


We also get Ogawa Makoto as a teacher. Pity she doesn’t speak English in it. She’d probably speak it better than the supposedly English-speaking people. 😀


I hear the viewing figures are poor for this show. That’s a pity although I wonder who it’s aimed at. I see it as being a light-hearted comedy drama aimed at a family audience or young teens and kids. If you watch it with expectations that are higher than that then you would be disappointed. But it’s hardly supposed to be a hard hitting suspense drama. You only have to look at the guy playing Takahashi’s father and his side-kick. It’s a fun comedy suspense that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun and is meant to be. Plus of course it has 45 minutes of Lovely’s loveliness in it each week. What more could you want?




4 responses to “Q.E.D. episode 4.

  1. As a current student at the American university depicted in this show (though it’s not actually filmed here), I can say that the accents are not too unexpected. Our current student body is 26% international:


    You do have to be proficient in English to get in, but obviously some people speak it better than others.

    That said, the students don’t feel quite like MIT students to me. I can’t imagine anyone going “Loki, what you’re saying is too difficult!” and the entire room walking out…. but we can attribute that to dramatic license, I guess. It’s likely the show’s producers and actors are less familiar with this school than I am, so certain things stand out more? I dunno…

    Looking forward to future episodes!

  2. Charmy you know I only picspam Lovely. Oh and Konno. Oh and Reina. Oh okay sometimes Sayumi too. Also Koharu, Kaori, Yaguchi and of course Yui. Did I mention Nacchi? Rika? Well them too. Oh and Eri.

    Kirarin well I have no idea what an American university is like as I’m British. I just noticed that most accents seemed not that American. I guess we could put that down to them being international students. I can’t help thinking they were meant to be American though. 😀 I’m looking forward to future episodes too. It’s become a Sunday afternoon ritual for me. I’ll miss this show when it finishes.

    Oh Charmy I also forgot to mention Yuko. But other than that I don’t picspam anyone else.

    Oh and Mano. She’s cute. I forgot about her.

    Also Momoko. Right okay her too. But other than that I don’t picspam anyone else.

    The rest of Buono too.

  3. Most of the accents might very well have been intended to sound American, but since Sou himself is not (presumably), the university is being portrayed as having some international students at least. So I’d imagine that some of the accents are intended to sound not American, and whether or not they overdid it is debatable … and probably ultimately a moot point.

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