Yorosen to end?

Thanks to Charmy for this link. It appears that the production company that has been involved in H!P tv shows for the past 11 years will no longer produce H!P shows.  There’s a rumour that H!P ended their ties with the company after the Hitler affair on C-ute’s Yorosen show. Either way Yorosen will end in 2 months.

I hope the H!P groups get a new show but considering they were down to just the one and that it was being shown so late at night it was technically morning I do wonder if the market is there. Still time will tell. I guess the late night slot may help them get another show. I mean it’s not as if tv companies will be expecting huge ratings anyway at night. But how I hope we could go back to what’s really needed. A Sunday daytime slot where whole familes could watch. What the H!P groups really need is a wider fanbase. More women fans would be great. Although I reckon to get more women fans they’d have to ditch the awful costumes worn at live shows. A sassier image is needed but I digress.

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