Yorosen! Week 16 subbed

So H!F have again subbed Yorosen! Time for a brief run through of the week’s highlights. This week it’s Linlin as the sensei.


The theme for the first show is Chinese New Year. The members get to eat stuff and that’s about it. As I’ve said previously the best topics are lighter topics. Ones that deal with customs or history are informative maybe but entertaining not. So skipping forward and Koharu has a new single out. Yay.


Then it’s the highlight of every show. Yes it’s Mano without her piano…


Reina! Niigaki! Food! It shouldn’t be half as entertaining as it is but yet this section never fails to deliver a laugh.

So onto episode 2 for the week. Basically it’s all about Chinese entertainers and it mentions the talent show Junjun was a losing contestant in. It’s about as entertaining as you’d expect from a show that runs through pictures of people you’ve never heard of. So onto Mano’s section…


The Mano section seems to have extra cuteness this time. 😀

Show 3 is all about a Chinese children’s game. Basically it’s rock, paper, scissors with some flying mime at the start. Linlin and Junjun demonstrate it…


Then Koharu & Sayumi get to have a go. You might like to turn the sound off completely during their bit. Yes when excited they are even more hyper than usual…


Then it’s onto the Mano section and she gets to play with Koharu. Yay. Mano interacting some more with the Musume…


Onto show 4 and Reina plays against Eri. For some reason having to do flying movements at the start seems to put people off their stride…


Takahashi and Niigaki have a very brief go followed by Junjun and Mitsui. Then Mano’s section is a continuation of her game with Koharu…


The final show of the week is all about food. A rare subject on a Japanese tv show. In fact it’s so rare for Japanese people to see food that they all make over the top expressions while eating it. The main thing that stood out for me though is Reina looking gorgeous as ever…


Reina with straight hair is as gorgeous as when she has her hair up but yet she has a stronger more womanly aura to her. Sexy.

So the final Mano point of the week finds Mano eating. But do not fret. Just because she is eating doesn’t mean there’s nobody behind her goofing around…


And that’s it. For a week where all the members got to do something it was a bit disappointing. I approve heartily of getting the members more involved but really it was mostly flat. If they are going to play each other then there should be a prize or forfeit. You know, like with the world children’s games section on Hello! Morning. Still hooray for Mano. Even when she doesn’t present her section it’s her section that provides the highlight of a show. Sayumi doing it gave me the one laugh out loud moment of the week. 😀


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