H!P Girls part 21 – Mano Erina

Mano Erina is probably the most highly anticipated singer H!P has had during my time as a fan. There seems a real buzz around her. Perhaps this is understandable. After all she was quickly graduated from Ongaku Gatas and given a solo career. Her singles have been good too. This isn’t always a given with H!P. The singles have obviously gone down well as we are now awaiting her major label debut single Otome no Inori on 18th March. It comes in no fewer than four versions not including the single V that will follow on 25 March. On top of that we are also awaiting her debut photobook which is released on 10 February. Indeed some of the pictures currently surfacing in magazines have really shown Mano in a different light.

Personally I’m very much anticipating all Mano’s forthcoming releases. Although it’s very easy to listen to I think her voice still needs a little work (her range doesn’t seem quite as broad as it could be). But she does have a voice that shows promise and it’s light and sweet qualities match her persona perfectly. On top of that she has that added bit of talent in that she can play the piano or keyboards. Understandably H!P have decided to play this up and so her singles so far have made use of this talent. That is what sets her music apart from other H!P produced singers and groups. The use of a piano or keyboards creates a very different sound to the usual generic H!P music. In tailoring her music for her talent we get a beautiful very unusual H!P song in Manopiano (no upbeat tinny cheap sounding generic dance music here). Even when they go for a more dance style song we get the wonderfully catchy Lucky Aura that does benefit from her playing parts of the music herself. That factor just enriches the sound. Her third indies single the curiously catchy, soothing and very pleasant Lalala-Sososo only confirmed that in Mano we have someone with a very different sound to anyone else in H!P. Since H!P can at times be very guilty of repeating itself this is a welcome development.

Mano certainly hits all the right notes in terms of personality. She has a very happy and fun persona. Her Yorosen appearances steal the majority of the shows. Admittedly that is not that hard to do and sometimes it’s more to do with people goofing around behind her but even so she’s someone who has that happy vibe about her. The kind of person who can cheer you up on a bad day just by being herself. She definitely has a strong idol personality. But the one real eye-opener recently is that she has such physical beauty too. Some of the pictures coming out at the moment as teasers for her first pb show a slightly more mature looking Mano. That doesn’t necessarily mean mature as in bikini shots (although there are some and she does look great) but more fittingly for someone who seems somewhat classy we get some very beautiful shots of Mano outdoors in everyday clothes looking exceptionally pretty. They are just ordinary photos of a very pretty girl outdoors but she definately has a beautiful star quality about her.

Mano is someone who has the potential to have a very good career. Talent and beauty and just that little extra bit of uniqueness brought forward through her ability to play an instrument should ensure that the potential is made real. I can’t wait for her next single or the photobook. Luckily there’s not that long to wait. 😀



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