Elder Club Heaven

As the Elder club have now all but graduated from Hello!Project I thought this would be a good time to reflect on just how good they were. So with that in mind here’s a clip from one year ago. The opening of the Elder Club concert for winter 2008.


I’m not sure who subtitled the Youtube clip. I’ve screencapped H!F’s version however. When it comes to concerts I’m not usually too bothered if they are subbed or not. I like to know what’s being said during any talk bits but the songs have generally already been subbed previously anyway (well those that were singles at least). However if ever a song was made for subbing when sung live it’s this one. Has the same version ever been done at more than one tour? Either way this is a great opening to the concert and makes me want to see the rest of the show. In fact has any show ever had a better opening? Save for it being spoiled for me by Kaori not being there and Aya unfortunately turning up I can’t think of a way of improving it. Look we get Biyuden…


And you can clearly see Yui’s pants…


Bad girl. We also get Satoda…








Ongaku Gatas. The original line-up with Mano Erina still present (and of course with the ever kawaii Konno Asami)…


Also present are Melon Kinenbi, Maeda Yuki, Inaba Atsuko and Yasuda Kei. But best of all is the very eye-catching and criminally underused Ayaka…


Not only is Ayaka there but she also seems to be wearing a maid uniform that’s shorter and sexier than anyone elses…


Ayaka’s verse steals the show for me and not just because she sings a line in English.

All in all bliss. You can download the subbed H!F version through Hello!Online. The version is available here.

The Elder Club may be gone but hopefully all will go on to further success in whatever they choose to do. Hopefully some will continue making music and entertaining us all.


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