Yorosen! Week 17 Subbed

H!F have subtitled Yorosen again. You can download from the tracker here. This week the sensei is none other than the c-utest C-ute c-utie of them all Kanna Arihara…


That means that this week’s students are C-ute…


But wait Mai has some news…


Yes did you spot her?


C-ute just got c-uter (okay I’ll stop that now).


A female spy in a cold war thriller?


Oh. Okay well for the first episode C-ute and Sigh Yummy have to draw a portrait of…


So how good are the students at drawing? Well Umeda is giving us low expectations judging by Nakajima’s laughing when she spots her effort…


Sigh Yummy’s opinion of her own drawing…


I wouldn’t say old granny. Maybe middle aged granny though. Who’s next?


That’s reasonably cute. Next?


Oh now that’s cute. That’s like if Audrey Hepburn was a manga character. Her drawing is better than her golf it seems.


Strangely that reminds me of someone…or something. Certainly not a Japanese idol though. Freaky. Surely that’s the worst one?


Surely I was wrong. What is that? An inbreeding experiment?

Mano is being a tease in her Mano’s point section (to say nothing of some of her photobook pics)…


An editing suite? Anyway onto show two and it’s less entertaining. In show two they are shown a picture of a bike for 30 seconds and then have to draw it from memory. It’s not as funny as when drawing a face. The best bit is with Sayumi. This is the bike they were meant to draw…


Sayumi’s attempt?


Ouch. Anyway Mano has a memory test for us. She thought up a tv channel called MHK.


Onto show three…


The picture will be…


In amongst all the chatter I think it’s Sayumi who utters the words “it looks nice how you can almost see it, but you can’t”. Huh? Mind you I’ve often thought that when I’ve seen Morning Musume wearing skirts in live shows. Well actually what I’ve thought is more along the lines of “Aww I almost saw her panties”. Unless of course it’s a live show featuring the young and weighty Kago in which case it’s more like “arrgh I nearly saw her panties” but I digress. Digressing some more she seems awfully keen on flashing them around now doesn’t she? I can’t say my response is any different though. Seriously please stop lifting your skirt up.

Back to the show and in truth most of the members create colourful and very cute results. So it’s left to the star (under) performer of the first show Umeda to come up with the big laugh…


On the one hand yuck. On the other hand why have they blurred out the I heart bit? Is it wrong to show a drawing of a heart on Japanese tv? I’m curious to know so if anyone has the answer please leave a comment.

So what does show four have in store? Well the students have to draw flames coming out of a rocket. The results are then psychoanalysed. Sadly this doesn’t lead to much in the way of humour. Save perhaps for Umeda (again) and her…


Show five teams the members up in two’s. They have to draw each other…


There are some cute drawings but first another inbreeding abomination from Umeda…


Umeda has definitely provided most of the humour this week. Also most of the nightmares. Weren’t her drawings the evil inbred country folk from Wrong Turn? Anyway onwards and Okai drew Michishige…


I’d go out with Michishige just based on that drawing. It’s cute.

Anyway Maimi’s drawing of Umeda…


Hmm…I see the thin white duke. I’m sure that’s David Bowie in Labyrinth.

Up next Nakajima’s drawing of Suzuki…


I’m sure she’s prettier than that. That picture reminds me of a muppet.

Kanna’s drawing of Mai is cute…


Apologies to any Mai fans but Kanna has managed to make her look cuter than she actually is. A similar talent to that which many artists use to airbrush the models in mens magazines in the UK. So if she ever wants a job at Loaded making the likes of Katie Price and Michelle Marsh look almost human I’m sure she’ll be a great success.

There’s no doubting the star at drawing though…


Yes Suzuki Airi’s drawing is easily the best. She’s made Nakajima look about as cute as she is but has done it with such style. Tony Hart is no longer with us so I think Airi should be brought over to the UK to present Art with Airi. It’ll be part of my new tv channel HITV (Hot Idols TV). You see it’s a bit like ITV (a real UK network) only with a Hi at the beginning. Which sounds a bit like saying hello in English and yes in Japanese and oh look just forget it. It sounded better in my head. Mind you so does Morning Musume’s next single. Sounds good in my head then I hear the music they actually produced and it sounds dreadful. So I go back to listening to it in my head (where everything sounds like it was made with proper instruments). Hmm…I’m going off on tangents. Where was I? Oh yeah…bed. Wait…after that I was up and oh yeah Yorosen. This week was okay. Kanna has become my favourite C-ute member so it was a treat to see her get her turn. The first and last shows were the best as the potential for humour is so great when members are having to draw each other. Umeda was undoubtedly the worst at drawing and thus also the funniest. Airi was the best. It was great seeing Sayumi in there though. She comes across as being just as daft and girlie amongst the C-ute members as she does when with Morning Musume but she also had a really cute older sister vibe about her. She was having so much fun with them. Sayumi really came across well. It’s good to see there’s no divisions between the Musume and their younger rivals. I’d like to see more cross pollination in future shows. Although there won’t be that many more future shows to come one would guess.

Meanwhile Mano’s bits this week were basically her asking questions about previous shows. No answers have been given but maybe the answers will come next week. Sadly Mano was on her own this week. I mean she had those screens behind her. Couldn’t they have shown people goofing off on them? It just wasn’t the same.


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