Yorosen! week 18 subbed

H!F have again subbed Yorosen and this week is fun so I’ll briefly run through my favourite bits. This week everyone is a bit more active. That’s because the sensei is Chisato and she wants to be the PE teacher from hell. She makes quite an entrance…


It seems Chisato has a bone to pick with Maimi…


So there’ll be a contest between Chisato, Yajima and…


A minute or so into show one and it’s already raised a few smiles both amongst the class and for me. So it’s onto the first contest which is a one metre dash. But first…


It’s good to see Sayumi back for a second week as a transfer student.

Anyway the contest starts and up first is Kanna Arihara. She looks so cute in this still…


Anyway I’m not giving away the results of this contest (or the second one later on). You can watch and find out yourselves. A spoiler warning though. For reasons of triumphalism I will review the third and final contest in a bit more depth.

Highlight of contest one? Umeda…


Yes it’s fair to say if you’re a gambling man (or woman…but not child as that would just be wrong) then you’d be foolish to put much money on Erika ‘Old Man’ Umeda.

Show three starts with the spinning building blocks challenge. This is where the contestant is sat in a chair, spun ten times and then has to build some blocks as quickly as possible. The two highlights here were Sayumi…


And Maimi who is down…


Then up…


Then down again…


And still down…


Then finally half way up. She’s like the grand old Duke of York. Or a yo-yo (girl cop) maybe…


Onto show four and it’s the final contest…


All out arm wrestling! Yay. And I will be revealing the result so if you don’t want to know who wins look away now.

It seems Chisato is after a showdown in the final with Maimi. She has seeded the ties so she and Maimi could be the final two. But will her confidence pay off?

Up first Maimi easily beats off the challenge of Hagiwara. Of more interest amongst the early bouts is this corker of a tie…


Will everyone’s favourite cute princess beat one of the C-ute princesses? Yes I know that’s lame. Mind you does it matter who wins? I mean it’s not the winning but the watching two attractive girls arm wrestle taking part that counts.

Anyway who is best? Sigh Yummy or Erika Umeda? Well there’s only one way to find out…


I wonder what Stouffer thinks?


Hmm he’s whispering an answer…actually most visitors to my blog aren’t from the UK and so are now most probably completely confused. It’d be funny if you knew what I was talking about. Well a bit funny. Well okay not that funny. Still I digress. Umm…back to the action…


It’s a gargantuan struggle…


I actually class that as a bit of an upset. Checking out the fillies before the contest I’d have thought Umeda would have been the favourite (although Sayumi would have won best turned out and just why am I now talking of them as though they are horses?) Regardless up next…


Yesssssssssssssssssssss. KANNA, KANNA, KANNA, KANNA!

It’s fair to say I was getting a bit too much into it by this stage. Up last was Chisato against Airi and despite a brave effort from the Buono girl Chisato was just too strong in the final third and the plucky underdog had to accept defeat. So we move onto show five and the semi finals. The first semi was Maimi against Sayumi…


Maimi has the height advantage. Will she also have the strength advantage?


Who am I kidding? Of course she did. Poor Sigh Yummy didn’t stand a chance. And so the Maimi v Chisato final is still on the cards. Just as long as Chisato can get past Kanna. Can she?


KANNA! KANNA! KANNA! KANNA! KANNA! KANNA! Yes I was now getting FAR too much into this. But even so what a great result and it’s my the dream final…


And if you really don’t want to know the result look away now…


Ah well. My girl did well enough. Second strongest in C-ute for C-ute’s cutest will do for now. Maimi won with ease. But wait, she sportingly offers Chisato a match anyway. The result?


A tough challenge but Maimi beats all-comers it seems.


Never mind Chisato. You lost to the better girls.

Now that was a fun week. It almost reminded me of Hello! Morning. This is what I want to see. The girls having contests against each other. Lively ones with lots of humour. Yorosen is starting to become good just as the plug is pulled. Tsk indeed.


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