Morning Musume Nai Chau Kamo pv’s

Morning Musume’s 950th single (or whatever) is starting to grow on me a little. I think the music sounds like it was produced on a Casio keyboard dating from about 1985 but other than that it’s okay. Probably about as good as Resonant Blue which in turn wasn’t as good as Kanashimi Twilight or anything prior to that but it is better than Mikan. So an okay single that’s probably in the bottom ten of singles they have brought out. At least it’s got two visually enjoyable pv’s to go with it. Although watching them is a bit like watching the pv through a window that’s covered in condensation. I just keep wanting to wipe the glass so I can see Lovely better. Then again it’s wrong to be hiding in her garden looking through her window anyway. Huh? Well anyway some picspam and two Youtube links to the pv’s.

So the pv’s…the close-up one comes with limited version B…


How lovely moody.






“Cinderella’s not going to the ball!Oh wait that’s her normal hair.


Stop crying. I actually like Q.E.D. I don’t care what other people say.


They gave Niigaki lines? What next? A B-side with Sayumi?


“Let me sing. Please Tsunku. I’ll do anything.”


I know it’s wrong but I so would. I’d feel guilty and wish I was with Lovely instead but I still would.


Harsh look for Niigaki in this.


Not a nice hat.


“Cinderella tidy this place.” Oh wait…not Cinderella the musical, not Cinderella the musical.


Not a nice hat part two. Good hand acting though.


Are you not very happy by any chance? It must be the chorus or the end because here’s Koharu.

The ‘another version’ pv that comes with limited version A is probably better though. I think it’s the one I’d watch more. Yes it has more legs…




“Cinderella married the prince and now I’m unhappy.”


Leather jackets.


“And this is my best bunny boiler look.”


Legs, leather jackets and behind the head jazz hands. A technically complex legs, leather jackets and jazz hands combo. 9.5 out of 10.


Sigh. Yummy.


Check out Mitsui. Wow.


Eri looks like a hologram. What is this? Star Wars? Feel the Tsunku. The Tsunku is strong in this one.


Come over to the dark side Junjun. Pick up your light banana and strike me down.


And in the latest special dvd version of Star Wars George Lucas has decided that C3PO should have been played by a Chinese woman.


And Princess Leia by someone cute. So he’s digitally altered the whole film. Buy it again or he’ll make some more new films.


More Legs.


6 responses to “Morning Musume Nai Chau Kamo pv’s

  1. Haha, I really enjoy your picspam; how u relate reinya with cinderella the musical, and then Junjun with a banana light saber. Gosh, I’ll love to see Junjun with a yellow light saber!

    Lovely… That’s a nice name for Ai-chan! (ur referring to her, right?) Anyway, I had just listened to Yowamushi a couple of times. It’s quite nice – I’ll probably write about it later (together with the pv’s another version)…

    ! I’d just told u my plan! Ah, anyway, that doesn’t really matter, does it?

  2. Lovely is Takahashi yes. Have you ever seen the old Hello! Morning news sections with Takahashi, Yuko Nakazawa and Rika Ishikawa? There’s a load subtitled somewhere. Well the name Takahashi Lovely came from them and I’ve just taken that because it fits so well. She is my number one after all.

    Reina’s hair just reminds me of her hair in Cinderella (well except the colour). Plus I love the musical anyway so mentioning it is always good. And if Junjun was a Jedi Knight she’d definately have a yellow banana shaped light sabre. 😀 In fact I want to see Star Wars redone with Hello Project. I think I’d have Aya as the Emperor, Yaguchi Mari as Yoda (well they are about the same height), Momoko as R2D2, Niigaki as Han Solo and Reina as Darth Vader. I think Reina should have a helmet shaped like her hair. Now I must stop or I’ll get carried away. 😀

    I’ll look out for your thoughts on the pv’s another version. I think the pv’s look great. But then I love those jackets and ooh legs! 🙂

  3. I think Kei should be the Emperor, she does aged make-up well. I love Niigaki, but surely Yossy should be Han Solo and Makoto should be Chewbacca, with…no, you know what, I’m like you, if I get started on that, I’ll stay with it all day.

    I totally agree about Mari-Yoda, though. I also volunteer to help paint her green… 😉

  4. Hands off…I’m the director. It’s a messy job. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do something I’m not willing to do myself. 😀

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