Yorosen! week 19 subbed

H!F have again subbed Yorosen. The teacher this week? It’s Sigh Yummy. 😀


Nice hat. So what’s the topic this week?


There’s something in her personal life that she puts all her energy into?


She’s always hiding it? Oh…she’s a wota too? I’m like that. I hide all my photobooks in the wardrobe.


Oh she’s not a wota, she’s a rota…a rail-ota. Huh? A train-spotter?


Yes that’s a typical reaction.


Young kids nowadays

I know Sayumi. They are so rude. So umm…would you like to take me on a train journey? I could get into trains quite easily if you were on them.


Doesn’t it make you all flustered and feeling like what to do?

Well yes but I find the best way to get over shyness is to just jump right on and go for a ride. Possibly afterwards we could go for a train journey. Ahem.

So that was show one. Basically here’s a picture of some trains. This is confusing. The subject matter is as boring as is imaginable but the sensei is as cute as is imaginable. Very much yin and yang. Wherever there is pleasure there must be pain.

Show two is basically a run through of the rooms available on one type of train.


Lack of understanding is pretty much my response to this. God this is boring but wow Sayumi is pretty.

So onto show three and I guess it can’t be helped. Trains are a tad on the boring side. However Sayumi had been on one and had photos. Therefore the subject matter suddenly becomes cute. Just look…


Ah how cute“.

Yes, cute.


This is Sayumi in a restaurant that delivers food via a model train. Doesn’t she look adorable?


What beautiful body work. You know full well I’m not talking about the train.



So that was show three. It featured a lot of pics of Sayumi and so was therefore ten million times better than a show featuring boring facts about trains and their insides. So can show four continue the sayumi is cute picture-fest?


Yes it can. 😀


I’m so cute aren’t I?

Yes you are. 😀


That really is cute isn’t it?

Yes it is. 😀


That looks so nice“.

Yes you do…I mean yes it does. Looks very yummy. *Sigh*


The scenery is really amazing“.

Yes it certainly looks it. *Sigh* *Yummy*


And so on Sayumi goes. Look how cute she is compared to a train. This show is rightfully totally about her. Kawaii!

So show four ends after a gorgeous ream of Sayumi picture spam. So what does show five have in store? Well sadly lots of very boring facts. I don’t get Yorosen at times.


Unfortunately this is no longer in production“.

Well I hope they replace the show with something better.

Well that week of Yorosen was a strange one. There was plenty of Sayumi which is good but sadly also lots of boring facts on a dry subject which is bad. Ah well at least we got a week of Sayumi cuteness. But please Yorosen producers, in the weeks still to come can we have some more fun subjects?


6 responses to “Yorosen! week 19 subbed

  1. Yorosen only works with fun subjects. It’s obvious really but the producers don’t seem to recognise that.

  2. I dunno, it was really good to see how enthused about the subject Sayumi really was. Besides, the true joy in this week’s episodes is imagining taking 16-hour train rides with some of the girls… 😉

  3. I still find it funny that the kids didn’t care for Sayu. I LOL’ed on that cause I think for me.. even if I personally don’t like Sayu and saw her on a train, I’d still interact with her.

    Although again.. The subject matter just sucked, as I’m sure MOST of the viewers dont have a huge interest in Trains… ><

    Hopefulyl next week’s subject will be better.

  4. I just wonder if Sayumi has any interest in trains. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the production company. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think it’d be kind of sweet if she really did have some geeky hobby. However I always saw her as being someone more interested in the history of hair and nail accessories than trains.

    But yeah, I’d love to sit next to her on a long journey. It’d be the one time I’d be hoping for major delays. 😀

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