Kanna Arihara temporarily out of C-ute

Stardust has reported that Kanna Arihara has bunions and has withdrawn from C-ute for an indefinite amount of time. She will miss their forthcoming concert tour and the promotional duties for their forthcoming single Bye, Bye, Bye! 😦 Well I hope she recovers quickly and isn’t in too much pain. What a shame though (for me). Yes allow me to be self-indulgent for a moment. I’m a very recent convert to C-ute. My interest only really started around the time of Forever Love. However I’ve quickly become a fan. I’ve been really liking the singles I’ve caught up on as well as liking the pv’s too (which is always a nice bonus). As well as that I recently purchased their third album and will purchase their fourth just as soon as Buono’s second album is available as an overseas version at YesAsia (well you have to spend a certain amount to get free postage so I’m forced to wait). Now if you click on the Favourites page up top you’ll see my three favourite C-ute members listed. Number 1 is Kanna. I was looking forward to seeing her promoting their upcoming single (which is due out 15th April). It’d be the first new single released since I became a fan. I was also hoping to see her on a a live dvd released at some stage. I know there have been plenty already released but I kind of want one with their latest stuff on (especially Forever Love which is a great pop song). It looks like now the promotional work and any live shows will be minus C-ute’s cutest. Bye, bye, bye indeed (bad pun. I know and I’m sorry but I just can’t help myself sometimes). I really hope however that the pv for the new single has already been shot. Either way I hope Kanna gets well soon. Knowing how hard these idols work perhaps she’ll enjoy the rest if nothing else!



4 responses to “Kanna Arihara temporarily out of C-ute

  1. happy to see another recent C-ute convert
    I’m a little bummed by the reduction too
    which makes me think that the new single’s title is kinda… ironic?

  2. Yeah it’s ironic enough. Although happily she’s not leaving for good. She’ll be back eventually. Plus at least she’s on the single and latest album. It could have been worse.

    I guess being an idol doesn’t leave any room for being incapacitated though does it? I mean she can’t exactly do dance routines sitting down. Hmm…actually with a motorised wheelchair…

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