Mano Erina’s First Photobook

I had the great pleasure of having the postman deliver me a big package this morning (ooer sounds a bit rude, etc). It was Mano Eri’s first pb finally arriving. YesAsia are a bit slow but they can’t be beaten on price. Anyway what can I say? This is only the second pb I’ve bought brand new (the first being Takahashi’s Alo-Hello one). I am not disappointed. The pb is beautiful and as is often the case with these things pictures speak a thousand words. Therefore here are some of my favourite pics…


Some of the things I like about this pb include the sheer range of settings and outfits and the sheer range of Mano. Sheer range of Mano? Well in some pics she looks undeniably cute and then in others undeniably sexy. Sometimes she looks goofy and sometimes she seems serious. Sometimes she seems like a pretty and posh young girl and others like a beautiful and sophisticated young woman. This pb kind of does what I think a pb should. It gives you a sight of the different sides of Mano. The pics in the snow towards the end of the book I particularly like. But then I love women in winter clothes and Mano looks so good in them. But then at the opposite end of the spectrum we get some pool pics and she looks striking in a bikini. The bedroom pics and other indoor pics are sheer nosebleeds. Then the schoolgirl pics are exceptionally pretty. See? Sheer range of Mano. She’s the future Queen of H!P. All bow down. Oh but I’m at the front of the queue you understand?

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