Buono to play Sweden


It’s been announced that Buono are to play Sweden on the 24th May. It should be a good match. I’d expect the Swedish team to have a bit too much for the Buono team to handle though. Sweden have some big lads up front and…oh a concert.

Ahem…the details are on Hello-Online. Apparently they will be performing at Japan Expo 2009 in Stockholm. Getting closer. First Hangry & Angry and Morning Musume in America and now Buono in Sweden. How long can it be until we get some H!P in the UK? The closest we’ve had so far is Ayaka in Southport but that was just to watch her hubby playing golf. Besides which she’d left H!P by then. Hmm…we’ve also had Nacchi and Yaguchi in Iceland to record a tv show late last year too. Clearly H!P are just working up to a full scale invasion of Britain. Obviously. That makes total sense. It does!


So yes I look forward to the announcement of Morning Musume, Buono, C-ute, Berryz Koubou and Mano piano Erina all touring the UK this summer. Well maybe not but it’s certainly exciting how H!P are branching out more. I reckon it’s only a matter of time before someone from the company plays in France. Who knows. Maybe us Brits will get lucky and be treated to a whistlestop tour someday.


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