I thought I’d start scanning on a regular basis random things that I own. Hence here’s a load of pics. If you want to take any and put them on the Hello-Online picboard feel free but at least say hi…


I love that first pic of Momoko. So pretty.


Reina has such an interesting face. Plus an interesting hair and clothes style. She’s a one-off. 😀


A very kawaii pic of Takahashi. Well aren’t they all?


That patented Nacchi smile.


The very underused English speaker looking damn pretty.


Yossie blonde or Yossie dark? I prefer dark myself.


I love the Kanashimi Twilight pv. How gorgeous does Takahashi look? Little Mitsui looks cute.

Random partial booklet scan of the post…


Exceptionally C-ute.


2 responses to “Scans

  1. Love the Reina pics, particularly the last one.

    Also liked the Ai-chan picture, and the pics of C-ute on their little pedestals. Shame we can’t buy little figurines of them like that…

  2. I’m surprised there aren’t little figurines of them. You can buy virtually anything else. I remember they had Morning Musume Love Machines figures. Bloody expensive though.

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