Yorosen! week 21 subbed

H!F have subbed week 21 of Yorosen. The sensei this week?


It’s Miyabi. So with that get up on what is the theme for the week?


By games Miyabi is talking about household games. With that she runs through games consoles then and now. When it comes to the Famicom (an early household games console from Nintendo) Awesome Maasa gets to have a go on Donkey Kong…


This leads to a mental Momoko moment, or an ‘MMM’ as it should be known…


Anyway Maasa won out and that was the first episode over with.

Mano’s point followed Mano’s advert as the plug this week was for her major debut single. Mano is looking particularly cute…


Quite what she’s drawn is anyones guess. Although that’s the point I suppose.

So show one over with and it was okay. The games console reminded me of my own childhood. I still remember the Spectrum ZX81. It had a full 1 kb of memory although you could buy an upgrade to make it a whopping 16 kb of memory. Yes it really was a computer that revolutionised playing hangman. Why use paper when you can waste electricity? But that’s totally irrelevant isn’t it? So moving onto show two and it’s portable games systems. Starting with those old hand held one game only systems. This basically means you get to watch idols looking at small screens…


Then it’s onto Mano’s section…


I’m sure she drew that last week too. I mean this show is only short so they shouldn’t be needing repeats!

Show two was kind of boring I’m afraid. Okay as I’m old enough to remember the type of games they were looking at there’s a certain kind of nostalgia value but even so this week seems to be not as much fun as it should be. Now if the members had to take each other on in some way, maybe a tournament on a particular game, that could have at least led to some excitement, some banter, some fun. But so far it’s all a bit pointless.

So can show three improve things?


A Wii Fit contest? Yes. Yes things can improve.


You know I write these reviews as I’m watching each episode so I hadn’t seen episode three when I wrote up episode two. Therefore I’m feeling a certain amount of glee at getting just what I wanted here. I just hope the tournament is fun.

Up first it’s…


My money’s on Maasa.


Risako thinks she’s in there somewhere? Well I don’t think she’s the one with the moustache. Beyond that which one she’s supposed to be is beyond me.


So Maasa’s turn. Can she possibly beat Risako’s score of 20?


So 446 points to 20. Yes Risako may have far more older fans lusting after her but when it comes to heading a computer simulated ball Maasa is the Queen.

Up next…


The next game is hula hoops. This basically means gyrating your hips for a few minutes. I bet Risako’s fans are cursing their luck…


So can Yurina beat’s Saki’s 315?


Ah a disappointing result. That missed early hoop has cost her dearly.

Stop! Mano time…


I have absolutely no idea what she’s drawn and I can’t decide if it’s cute or very disturbing.

So show three is over and it was an improvement on the first two. The idols are all involved. They are actually doing something you can watch. So onto show four and the continuation of the contest…

The third battle is…


Come on Momochan. You can do it. But first…


So 20 to beat. Can she do it?


So it’s an 86 to 20 victory. Momoko! Momoko! Momoko! Yes I have a slight bias.

So the next round…


Awesome Maasa versus marvellous Momoko. It’s downhill skiing. Well you can hardly ski uphill I suppose…


Momo’s turn…


Momoko! Momoko! Momoko! 😀

Mano’s section…


Oh I don’t know. It looks pretty cute from where I’m sitting.


That’s…it’s…it is! That’s a Teletubbie having a rave. Mano your mind is weird. But I like you.

So show four continued the trend of show 3 in having the Berryz competing against each other and in having Mano draw something disturbing. So what about show five? Well it’s straight into the semi. Can Momoko make it three straight wins or will the toll of having that extra game tell?


It’s the ski jump. Momoko is up first…


After a second jump Momo sets an overall target of 179 metres. Can that be beaten?


So it’s a comfortable victory for everyone’s favourite Buono girl…


So ignoring any protests about Airi or Miyabi being your favourite it’s time for the final. Now Miyabi the seeded player can enter and take on Momoko…


It’s more ski jumping. Momoko goes first…


So a combined total of 259m to beat. Can Miyabi do it?


So a disappointing first try. As for her second…


So Miyabi’s second attempt snowballed.


All of which means…


So Momoko is the well deserved victor. Well she did have to beat nearly everybody.

Ultimately shows three to five were closer to the kind of show H!P members should be doing. All the members got a chance to shine and they seemed to be having fun. Still not exactly at the height of tv entertainment but a whole lot better than shows one and two. Momoko of course stole the show(s), while Mano added some of her own unique brand of goofy cuteness. So not a great week but solid overall. Yorosen is still far too hit and miss but it does have it’s good moments.


11 responses to “Yorosen! week 21 subbed

  1. Right, two things:

    1 – C-ute need to play on the Wii as well. MM did it on Haromoni@, and now Berryz have done it on Yorosen. When does C-ute get a turn?!?

    2 – I wonder if the Miis used for the girls were designed for/by them like the ones for the Momusu girls were? I hate that not all of MM got to design their own Mii characters, and I’d love to be able to download all the H!P girls to my Wii like I did with the MM girls…

  2. You can download the Musume girls? I don’t have a Wii (yet) but I do want one. When I get one that is information I MUST have! 😀

  3. You can download several versions of Ai, Risa, Eri, Reina, Sayumi, I think maybe two or three (maybe as many as four). It’s really quite something to be playing on the WiiFit and having the girls in the stands cheering you along as you do a ski jump or doing a brief jogging exercise and occasionally seeing the girls jogging alongside you or going the other way. 🙂

    • Ah. Thank you so much ^^
      I will try to watch them all since I have just finished exams and I just want to relax XD
      Thank you

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